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Informasi Dasar
Jenis Usaha: Perusahaan Dagang, Distributor/Grosir
Produk/Jasa (Kami Menjual): Super kernal basmati, basmati D-98, butir panjang Pk 386 beras, long grain IRRI-6, long grain IRRI-9
Lokasi: Pakistan
Tahun Berdiri: 1987
Jumlah Karyawan: 11 - 50 Orang
Pasar Utama: Eropa Barat,Asia Timur,Timur Tengah,Oseania,Afrika
Profil Perusahaan

We would like to introduce our company as an Quality Conscious and certified leading manufacturer in Pakistan of the Purest and Best Quality of Basmati Rice in our various brands We have garnered a reputation in both the domestic and international markets for our high quality pure and natural aromatic Basmati Rice Currently we are exporting to many overseas countries such as USA Canada Italy Austria Germany Australia Norway Ukraine Singapore Switzerland Poland Bahrain Mauritius Indonesia UAE & Kuwait and the list continues Our uncompromising and quality conscious staff is the key to our success Only the very finest grains are selected and taken to our facility where process of aging is done periods to give the rice its distinct flavor and aroma leading to processing of these grains using the most advanced equipment available in the market today. Then it is packed in different type of bags, such as Cotton PP Laminated PP Jute and cartons for shipping under strict hygienic guidelines. We do not brag or expect praise for what we produce as we feel it is the only way rice should be sold. However this exacting process has won our company and staff many accolades as being recognized and honored with the National Export Award In addition to this, we have also been awarded by the Top Exporters as being the largest It shall be our great pleasure to work with your goodselves and can offer you following varieties of rice In case you are interested in carrying our brands or your private labeling brands please let us know your interest in above mentioned qualities in their respective brands to enable us to send our lowest possible quotation in available packing Looking forward for long term business relationship Best Regards For, AL-MUGHAL INTERNATIONAL

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Kapabilitas Perusahaan

Kapasitas Perdagangan Eropa Barat : 11.11% Asia Timur : 11.11% Lihat lebih banyak
Kapasitas Produksi - - Lihat lebih banyak
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