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Lose Weight
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Green Plant Extract
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5000 Bag/Bags per Month
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Product Description


Now the 2 most popular diet ingredients are released as one!


Broccoli Sprout

If harmful minerals or heavy metals remain in the body, it becomes one of the causes of coldness and constipation, exercise capacity also falls, and it interferes with Thai construction. By detoxifying, we aim for a diet constitution.


Black ginger

By increasing fat burning and basal metabolic power, we will increase muscle mass and increase energy consumption, aiming for healthy and balanced body creation.

The B & H lab solved the wishes of such users!


Secret of popular health vegetables "broccoli"

Broccoli has been taken into eating habits from Europe for a long time in China. It was called the Crown of Jewel Nutrition, which is the healthy vegetables getting explosive popular with its high nutritional value. It contains abundant ingredients such as potatoes, iron, potassium, Vitamin A, vitamin C, dietary fiber and minerals.


The producing country of black ginger is a country of smiles, Kingdom of Thailand. It is called Kurachaitamu and has long been popular as a natural food ingredient. Black Ginger used for this product secures and uses a safe, high-quality raw material with the cooperation of NIA Ministry of Government of Science and Technology of Thailand. Our power Rada converts what we ate to energy, and at that time excess sugar and lipids in the body are burned. The key to upgrading basal metabolism is muscle with the most energy consumption. By increasing the amount of lean muscles and other fat, it makes it possible to create a body that is easy to lose weight and is easy to lose weight.


Q.Is it ok to those who are not good at broccoli (broccoli sprout) or ginger?

A.Broccoli sprout and black ginger extract extract to high purity, it is easy to drink tablet type. For that reason, we designed and manufactured it so that you can take it without problems even with people who are not good at broccoli (broccoli sprout) and ginger, so it is also recommended for people who are not good at broccoli (broccoli sprout) and ginger at meals.


Q. Can pregnant or nursing women use this supplement.

A. There are no ingredients in our formula will cause specific problem. Actually, our shop staff who is pregnancy is also taking it  because it makes the stomach more cleanfully and also functioning in detoxification. However, if you are worried about constitution etc, we recommend you to consult with a specialist before taking the supplement.


Q.Can I use it with other supplements or health foods?

A.There are no ploblems.




Our Services

OEM or private label is also available!

Please kindly contact us for more information.


The product is GMP and ISO approved!


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