Trokot-Magnetik Mobil Kerai, Rear Window

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US$18,00 - US$130,00 / Set | 1 Set/set (Min. Order)
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Tempat asal:
Moscow Oblast, Russian Federation
Nama merek:
Nomor model:
Mobil kerai
Rear Window Shades
Karet bersih
Karet profil:
Khusus "PDA-2"
Galvanis 4 ml kawat
Magnetik yang unik Pengikat
Dari-50 sampai 80 + C
Kemampuan pasokan
Kemampuan pasokan:
10000 Set/Sets per Month
Pengemasan & Pengiriman
Rincian Kemasan
Kemasan khusus terdiri dari individu kotak film pelindung dan instruksi.
Novorossiysk / St Petersburg
Product Description

TROKOT - magnetic sun shade for car, car interior accessories.

Galvanized 4 ml wire is the basis of the screens. It has a high-strength steel frame, which will allow a grid to remain the operation tense all term. Difference from a usual wire that, validity period increases thanks to the best reflection of any influences of the external environment, for example, of temperature and moisture. Also it doesn't rust and doesn't allow emergence of rust on other materials interacting with her.

The grid cell have a special pyramid shape for better view out of the salon. The basic form of the cell was chosen not casual. If we position the grid so that the wide part of the holes were directed on a course of movement of the vehicle, the driver and passengers will have a good overview even at an acute angle.

Special "PDA-2" rubber profil – Designed specifically for our screens. The advantage of this type of edging: nice appearance, resistance to temperature changes from -50 to +80 C, does not burn out in the sun or burst in cold weather. Perimeter edging profile bonded with cyanoacrylate glue .

Unique Magnetic Fastening – Reliable fixing the blinds in the window frame. It Allow easy dismantling if necessary, also it don't let the window down and hold the shutter while driving with the opened windows.
Bending fastening, you need to adjust the plate of one side of the area, so that it exactly coincided with the plate of the magnet. Just below the picture shown in more detail.

The mounting bracket is made of metal, the thickness of 0.5 mm. To protect the top area the metal is covered with a powder paint. The mounting bracket has no magnetic properties; it serves as a support for the magnet, which is fixed on the screen.

For fixing Attachment No. 1 Area, on one side glue double-sided tape 3M VHB series, this elastic tape has high adhesion to various plastics and it sticks to metal and glass. It is used in automotive industry for bonding of mirrors and various icons on the body of the car, etc.

The design keeps reliably both at a temperature of +60 degrees, and at a temperature of -50 Celsius. And if necessary the tape is easily dismantled, without leaving marks.
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Packing & Delivery
Place of Origin
Port of loading
Novorossiysk / St Petersburg
Special Packaging consists of individual boxes, protective film and instructions.
Pallet, container, truck, etc
Sunshades TROKOT
Our Services
 Our product quality and appearance are much higher in comparison with the other competitive products present in the world. Sunshades won't pass insekts and will allow fresh air to circulate inside the car and even exist possibility to use this sunshades at a speed up to 120 km/h when windows in car is let down.

 Also we have developed our own grid, which provided better visibility from inside the vehicle and thus maintained a good dimming interior and perfectly cope with the protection from the sun's rays. It also gave the product an individual appearance and even help to decrease gasoline consumption because it make no sense to use often climate control equipment inside the car.
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Russia, Moscow region
+7 499 577 0158
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