Top Kualitas 2019 Virtual Reality 9D Simulator Bioskop Permainan VR Telur Kursi dengan 2 Kursi

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US$5.200,00 - US$5.500,00 / Potongan | 1 Potongan/potongan (Min. Order)
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Rincian cepat
Tempat asal:
Nama merek:
VR Aliansi
Nomor model:
Roller Coaster
Hitam dan Putih, Biru Lampu
2.1 m (L) * 1.2 m (W) * 2 m (H)
350 kg
19 inch layar sentuh
VR Headset:
Kemampuan pasokan
Kemampuan pasokan:
1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Pengemasan & Pengiriman
Rincian Kemasan
1 set/gelembung Udara film/Stretch film/bingkai Kayu atau customers'needed
huangpu port
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Kuantitas(Pieces) 1 - 3 >3
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Video Description
Product Description

Top quality 2019 virtual reality 9D simulator cinema game vr egg chair with 2 seats

Brief Introduction

The vr egg chair can be used to watch vr film and play simple interactive shooting films. 

  • No restriction of screen and projector. By simply wearing the vr helmet, player can into the fantastic game world. New virtual reality technology makes it so real to let the eyes and brains believe what in the game world is real happening around.   
  • 360° view. For example, for the traditional film, when we move our head around, we may see somebody sitting around us. But for our new 9 d virtual reality technology, we see different film content from different angle. 
     The special effects. The 3-axis controlled seats can simulate various motion track. All these special effects give unprecedented immersive experience.   
  • Interaction with the film ( playing the games). Advanced mobile head tracking technology. Player can aim at the target by slightly moving the head and fire by pressing the button on the control handle.

VR HeadsetVIULUX  V8 
Cabin MaterialFiber Reinforced Plastic (each cabin with two hand controller)
Air compressormute, oil free professional cinema use
Wind Effectear wind and leg tackle
Host ConfigurationIntel i3 CPU,8G,120G SSD,NVIDIA GeForce 1050 
Screen 19 inches Touch Screen Control with Wireless keyboard and mouse
Voltage  AC, Single Phase, 220V, 50Hz
Power 2.3kw
Dimension 2.1m(L)*1.2m(W)*2m(H)
Games Quantity over 100 pcs 9D VR 


More than 100 HD 9D VR Game Content and keeping update for you!

Product Category
Company Information

Our Advantage

1.We are VR simulator manufacturer, offering diversity series of VR products, and range from VR Cinema, VR Exploration, VR Shooting, VR Competition and VR Kids, as well as one-stop solutions.

2.Located in Panyu District, Guangzhou City. Factory covers an area of 1300 square meter, and we specialized in VR Research and develop, new products are produced every month.

3.Most of the VR simulator with unique high quality game contents, as well as authority copyright.

4.All of products have passed CE, ROHS certification.

5.VR simulators have been exported to America, South America, European countries, Middle East, Southeast Asia etc.


After Sale Service

1. We take seriously about after sale service.

2. Responsible for 1 year hardware warranty for free (nonhuman damage)and software gradually maintenance.

3. After sales service team staffs will response within 24 hours.

4. Engineers are available to remote online support immediately.



Quality & Product Details
  • Precise Technology
  • Exquisite Workmanship
  • High Quality Material Selection


Packaging & Shipping



1) What is the 9d vr / vr simulator warranty of the VR products?

Our warranty is 1 year for hardware, lifetime for software; it is not included artificial damaged.

2) How long does the vr game content update?

Normally, we update the vr games regularly, it will be updated once we have good virtual reality contents and let our clients know whether they want to update or not. For example, 360 vr rotation machine, we have 2 games initially, but we update 5 games in 6 months.

3) Does the vr game come up English version?

Yes, it does. We have 2 versions for the vr game contents, both English and Chinese is supported.

4) How long the cargos will be received after confirmed payment?

Normally, the vr equipment production time is 15 working days, and the shipment time is depends on different destination port. For example, it takes around 30 days shipment time to USNY CUSA. So it takes about 45 days for our USA clients totally.

5) Does the vr game content have copyright?

Yes, it does, Most of vr games have copyright.

6) How long can be the vr headset taken?

Normally, 3-5 years is no problem, it also depends on how to maintain in the daily, if you protect it good the life length will be longer. If customers use it a lot in the store, I suggest you purchase one to substitute.

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