Swine probiotic feeds and needs constipation

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Microbial probiotics
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Hebei, China
Feed Grade Enzymes, Feed Grade Proteins, Feed Grade Vitamins
Feed Preservatives, Promote Healthy & Growth, Promote Nutrition
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Effective prevention and treatment of diarrhea
Super bio-gene phenotype induction technology
Taking care of animal health, to be sure of human safety.
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10000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year
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25 kg double-deck tas, dan apapun yang anda minta.
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[Main Ingredient]: Bacillus subtili, bacillus natto, plant lactobacillus, bacillus licheniformis, Antibacterial peptides, bifidobacteria, amylase, protease, many kinds of UFG, vitamin B, animo acid, intestinal regulator and nutrient.
[Viable Content]: 8-10×109 cfu/g.
[Character]: Light yellow powder.

[Main functions]:

1.Prevent intestinal and stomach disease. This product can quickly grow and breed in digestive tract, better the intestinal micro ecology and adjusting the PH value. It can help animals absorb nutrients like Vitamin B group fully. What’s more, it can prevent piglets from epidemic diarrhea, transmissible gastroenteritis, dysentery, and respiratory disease by producing lactic acid and antibiotic substance which can replace the antibiotics.
2.Improves piglets’ immunity, prevent and cure immune disorder and immunosuppression caused by PRRSV and PCV-2.

3.Increase daily feed intake by 8-21% after applied for 5-8 days. Decrease wastage by 19.2%. Three days after applied, the waste becomes gray. Early ablactation is OK. Average daily gain increases and death rate decreases.
4.Reduce the anti-stress action caused by changing environment, feed, epidemic prevention and temperature.
5.Detoxification. It breaks the plant cell wall, releases the nutrients, decomposes the anti-nutrient factors and mildew poisonous toxins.


1.Nutrition, health, environmental protection, highly effective natural, green, can add for a long time.
2.When use antibiotics, can stagger the time alone use double during the ill time.
3.Use up as soon as possible once it opened.



[Main Ingredient]: Bacillus subtili, bacillus natto, lactobacillus, bacillus licheniformis, clostridium butyricum, saccharomycetes; many kinds of digestive enzymes, such as : protease, cellulose, diastatic enzyme and amylase; somatomedin (growth hormone); immune factors; bioactivator.
[Viable Content]: 8-10×109 cfu/g.
[Character]: Light yellow powder.

[Main functions]:
1. Promote growth. This product can lift the activity of secretion system inside the body of the finishing pigs, promote the secretion of growth hormone, increase weight by 1 to 1.45 kilogram each day, get rich metabolites, promote the absorption of high qualified active calcium, promote the growth of bones, increase the lean meat ratio, reduce the happening of PSE meat, increase feed intake. After using for one day, the pigs will become hungrier. Pigs will eat more food by 8 to 15 percent within 3 days. They will get finer skin after 5 to 8 days. If this product is used for the whole raising, the finishing pigs become marketable 15 to 22 days earlier.

2. Improve feed efficiency. This product can decompose the cellulose and lignin, starch, change steroids, degrade hard digestive protein, release macro-elements and micro-elements, secret protease and lipase, ferment carbohydrate, break the plant cell wall in the feed, release the nutritive materials in the cells, degrade the anti-nutritional factors in the feed, reduce the viscosity of the food, lift the feed conversation rate by 49.59%, reduce the material consumption of 15 percent. The feces will become loose and the color turns gray in 3 to 5 days. The feces will be less after 10 days without undigested corns. These feces will be obviously well digested and well absorbed comparing the previous ones. The germ protease change and decompose the corn germ protein.

3. Prevent disease. This product can adjust the PH value in the intestinal tracts. It can directly resist the incursion of the virus outside, and reduce immune stress. It helps the immune system grow and mature quickly, increase anti-diseases ability and health level. Some metabolize of bacteria can replace some antibiotics. It is the best choice to prevent and cure the epidemic diarrhea, transmissible gastroenteritis, yellow scours, white scours and the diseases in the respiratory tracts of the finishing pigs.

4. Green and safety. This product can reduce the concentration of the pollutant gas like ammonia and bad odor. Reduce environment pollution, improve raising environment.

1.When use antibiotics, can stagger the time alone, use double during the ill time.
2.Use up as soon as possible once opened.



[Main Ingredient]: Bacillus subtili, bacillus natto, lactobacillus, bacillus licheniformis, clostridium butyricum, saccharomycetes; many kinds of digestive enzymes, such as : protease, cellulose, diastatic enzyme and amylase; somatomedin (growth hormone); immune factors; bioactivator.
[Viable Content]: 8-10×109 cfu/g.
[Character]: Light yellow powder.

[Main functions]:

1. Protect liver and gall bladder. This product can strengthen the liver’s ability and improve bile secretion. It also generates a great amount of immunoglobulin which can promote the immune ability of the sows and the healthy level and anti-diseases stress ability of the whole group of pigs. Feed it to the sows 5 to 10 days before stopping milking piglets, piglets will quit milk successfully without stress syndrome and diarrhea. It effectively improves the immunity and health of the whole pigs, and strengthens the ability of liver.

2. Help produce more milk and breed for longer term. This product can improve the milk quality and make the sows recover quickly after milking period. It makes sows grow meat quickly, and make them begin estrus earlier. If applied at the third day after being mated for half a month, the sows will get more nutrition, and the embryo will land implantation easily. It improves the immune and anti-diseases ability of the sows. If a sow keeps using this product for two months, it will have a nicer skin, and recover its breeding ability, lengthen its breeding period by 1 to 3 years. This product can effectively lift the 1gG level by 25%, improve the healthy ability and anti-diseases ability of the piglets, and obviously decrease the happening of diarrhea after giving a birth.

3. Increase the quantity of piglets: It obviously lift the breeding ability of the sows, decrease the quantity of dead birth and mummy birth. It greatly increases the quantity of healthy birth, and surviving quantity of the piglets after stopping eating milk.

4. Treat the syndrome of breeding. This product can speed up the metabolizing of the estrogenic hormone and luteal hormone inside the sows’ bodies, increase conception rate, shorten the open time, increase the number of babies( Each sow can give over three more piglets per year), lift the using rate of sows. It decreases the sows’ stress when giving birth and the happening of difficult birth. It sufficiently meets the request of the piglets. The weight of the piglets at birth increases by 0.3kg each. And the piglets have healthy body. If apply this product to sows in totally 22 days from the third day after birth until the last three day before stop eating milk, they will produce more milk with high quality and enough nutrition. The sows can quickly recover.

5. Antidote the poison and save the medicine. This product can correct the wrong model of the medicine health care, avoid the danger of the medicine that the piglets have to eat when they eating milk, decrease the quantity of antibiotics, discompose molds.

1. When use antibiotics, can stagger the time alone, use double during the ill time.
2. Use up as soon as possible once opened.

Usage and dosage
For Piglet
500-1000gs/1 ton feed. Use double quantity when piglets are ill.
For Pig
400-800gs/1 ton feed. Use double quantity when they are ill.
For Sow
400-700gs/1 ton feed. Use double quantity when they are ill.
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