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Tempat asal:
Henan, China
Nama merek:
Nomor model:
Cold Rolled Steel
Product name:
Parcel Locker
Gym Club. Swimming Pool
1 Set
1 Year
Customized Size
Electronic Lock. Code Lock
Use Area:
Office School Hotel Gym Bathroom
Wooden Box
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500 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Video Description
Product Description
The design of intelligent express cabinet should be beautiful and reasonable, in line with ergonomics. On the same site, there should be a larger space available for storing packages, and the space occupied by maintenance bars, frames and locks should be reduced appropriately. The external spraying should be anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment.Outdoor models also do awning and outdoor spray treatment, to withstand high temperature, resist low temperature.
Product Name
Smart Parcel Locker
Modes of Packing
Wooden box
Place of Product
Henan Province,China
After sale service
1 Year
Intelligent locker system is a new generation of logistics terminal system. It is a set of terminal platform based on the Internet of things. It can identify, store, monitor and manage items.The platform consists of a smart express cabinet and a server.The server can manage all kinds of express cabinets (such as express package  information, express information, user information, etc.),analyze and process all kinds of information to achieve reliable contact with the sender, express companies and recipients, provide a new way to entrust and deliver express services and online shopping.For express companies and consumers, the 24-hour delivery cabinet makes it more convenient to send and receive express, which is a daily work with high frequency.
The main body of the box adopts 0.8-1.0mm galvanized steel plate, and the auxiliary machine box adopts 0.8-1.0mm galvanized steel plate.After cold processing and forming, the box is assembled by carbon dioxide gas shielded welding. The box has a strong structure.After derusting, degreasing, polishing and phosphate treatment, the box surface is sprayed with plastic. The surface color can be selected by the user.Longitudinal reinforcement is added behind the door to improve the impact resistance of the door.The cabinet body can effectively prevent and reduce users' negligence and abrasion. The electric control lock is 360 degrees and equipped with anti-pry and anti-slip insertion device.
Detailed Images
The cabinet structure

● Main cabinet size :1980(height)* 950(width)* 500(depth); 

● Size of sub-cabinet :1980(height)* 900(width)* 500(depth);

● Remark: the quantity of vice cabinet can be added according to the actual needs of users.
Voltage: ac200v-ac240v 50Hz, standby :65W, operation :90W.The system has ac and dc power supply detection function, which can be  displayed on the display screen.At the same time, the system has low voltage automatic detection function and alarm function to ensure the stability of the system.

● The box body is made of 0.8-1.0mm galvanized steel plate, which has the properties of fire prevention, shock prevention,
anti-theft and snooping to protect the safety of express delivery.The box body locking system is adopted. The combination of physical locking and electromagnetic unlocking is adopted to ensure that the box body can only be opened after the system is confirmed.At the same time, for safety, monitoring probes can be installed around the cabinet and monitored 24 hours a day to prevent man-made damage.


● Users do not have to face to face to receive express, pick up the time can be freely arranged, independent operation is more

Network throughout the community, office buildings, campus, users can at their doorstep at any time to receive express.
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Customer feedback

Title goes here.

● Provide network service interface, support third party business platform management express cabinet.

● The service data is returned to the platform system through the interface of the third-party business platform.

● The fast delivery function of the package improves the efficiency of the terminal express, and solves the logistics problem of the last 100 meters.

● Realize intelligent distribution management, avoid the increase of two delivery costs.

● The user receives the express delivery safely through the short message extraction code.24 hours flexible schedule, privacy,
commodity security.

● Door switch detection function.

● Anti-pry alarm function.

Enrich value-added functions

● Payment function: the system integrates the third-party payment function to facilitate various third-party payment.

● Advertising function: intelligent express cabinet provides streaming media advertising function.Intelligent express cabinet controls terminal advertisement through the platform and updates advertisement content through the network, which is convenient for unified management.

● Other functions: the smart express cabinet in the future can also add many functions, such as community life information, passbook transfer, discount information and coupon printing in the nearby business district, direct purchase and delivery and other value-added services.
Company Introduction
Luoyang, luoyang party for intelligent technology co., LTD., affiliated to the small square in the import and export trade co.,
LTD., is a set production, processing, sales in the integration of large-scale comprehensive enterprise, has a modern electronic deposit ark, charging the mobile phone ark, intelligent express ark, intelligent advertising machine, profile smart cabinet,shelves and other professional processing factory and warehouse base.It has a number of flagship brands, mainly for municipal, school, cinema, playground, property, real estate, office buildings, hotels, hotels, hospitals, office and other industries to provide services.This factory USES the advanced craft technology, the first-class production inspection equipment, the specialized management talented person, carries out the international ISO9002 quality control system production strictly, guarantees the product specialization, the consummation.

The company has a modern production plant, has an experienced, serious production team and skilled installation team, with rich production, production and construction experience.The factory introduced a batch of advanced production equipment, in the design follows the humanity and the practical perfect unification, in the manufacture strict quality control, the product and the service has won the general customer widespread green flavor and the praise
Within the company established a perfect product quality guarantee and supervision system, to ensure that products meet the national standard, relying on the superior product performance, stable product quality and perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, and innovative technology, have gained good reputation among the users, and in the same industry enjoys certain popularity and good reputation.

The company has excellent designers and high-quality technical team, design, production and installation of supporting services. "Technological innovation" and "mode innovation" are the driving forces for the development of the technology department.We strive to save every penny for customers, in the design process, we always implement with less investment to get a good result, against piling gold build jade, extravagance and waste.In the production process, we continue to improve the process, improve work efficiency, reduce production costs, improve the quality of the project.

The company firmly believes that bingzhuo "to the quality of the brand, to the scale of efficiency, to ensure that the service,
customer satisfaction as the purpose" business policy, in the fierce and orderly market competition, sincerely hope to become permanent partners with new and old friends from all walks of life, together to create a better future.
1... What makes you different with others?

1) Excellent Service
For a quick, no hassle quote just send email to us. We promise to reply with a price within 24 hours - sometimes even within the hour.If you need an advice, we will answer your questions immediately.

2) Quick manufacturing time
For Normal orders, we will promise to produce within 25 workdays.As a manufactory, we can essure the delivery time according to the formal contract.

3) Special Export Design
We pay very much attention to the export packages. Brown paper inside and airbubble wrap outside to prevent damage.

4) Warranty Time
The High Standards in the Design and Manufacturing ensure us to support the products with a 10-Year Warranty Time for your normal use, it is the Longest Manufacturer's Warranty !

2... What is delivery times?
This depends on the product. Typically standard products are delivered within 15 workdays. The delivery time of the special products is according to the time of setting up of the tooling.

3...What is the term of payment?
T/T payment,Also through ALi (Trade Assurance).

4...May I know the status of my order?
Yes. We can send you information and photos at different production stage of your order. You will get the latest information in time.
5...Are samples available?
Yes, we can send some sections of samples for your reference by express.
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