Stainless Steel Minyak Kelapa Filter Bag Cage Filter Mesin

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US$1.000,00 - US$14.900,00 / Set | 1 Set/set Multi-Tas Tas Cair Filter (Min. Order)
Nomor model:
laporan Aktivitas Yang Mencurigakan
Rincian cepat
Tempat asal:
Shanghai, China
Nama merek:
Kantong Kasa Penyaring
Penyaring Cairan
Bahan tas:
Nama produk:
Cairan Multi-Tas Filter
Jumlah Unit Filter Bag:
Opsional Tas Filter:
Filter Presisi:
0.5-1,250 μm
Berlaku Viskositas:
1-20, 000cp
Desain standar Tekanan:
Satu Area Penyaringan:
Unit Flow Rate:
1-1, 000m3
Bahan perumahan:
Kemampuan pasokan
Kemampuan pasokan:
200 Piece/Pieces per Month Liquid Bag Filter Price
Pengemasan & Pengiriman
Rincian Kemasan
Standar ekspor kemasan
Waktu Pemenuhan Pesanan: :
5-30 days after receiving your deposit
Product Introduction

BTM Series Multi-Bag Filter  


Brief introduction

BTM Filter, with filter bags as the filter element, is capable of liquid precision filtration, it can remove the tiny impurities from liquid. Compared to cartridge filter, it has advantages of large flow rate, convenient operation and economical filter media consumption, especially capable of viscous liquid filtration. BTM Series Multi-bag Filter has a variety of high-performance filter bags developed by Shanghai Jiucheng, it can meet the most filtering requirements. BTM Series Multi-bag Filter is all designed referring to steel pressure vessel standard, made of high quality pure stainless steel (304/316L) material, and fabricated according to strict quality standards. It is safe and reliable, has excellent corrosion resistance, good sealing, durable and well-made. BTM Series Multi-bag Filter can meet various filtration requirements.

BTF series: quick-opening multi-bag filter takes only 20 seconds to open and close. It applies to large flow-rate occasions with frequent replacement of filter bags.

BTM series: multi-bag filter applies to large flow rate conditions without frequent replacement of filter bags.

Product Details Show

How Does It Work?

Liquid enters the filter bag from the inlet,
particles larger than the filtration pore are
blocked on the surface or inside the filter bag. 
Liquid pass across and goes to outlet. When the 
particles accumulated and increase the pressure
 drop to 0.05-0.1MPa, replace the clogged bag 
and continue filtering. 

Technical Parameters & Specifications

Model No.
BTM Series
Optional filter bags
Single filter rate
Design pressure 
0.6-1.0MPa(Higher pressure can be customized.)
Single filtering area 
Filter accuracy
Number of stand-alone filter bag
Applicable viscosity
Housing material 

Technical features and advantages

1. Compact structure, reasonable size. Simple to install and operate, convenient, small occupation.
2. High filtration accuracy, for any fine particles or suspended matter, Range from 0.5 to 1,000 microns.
3. Unit filter area is large, a smaller filtration resistance, high filtration efficiency.
4. It can be used for coarse filtration, medium filter or fine filter.
6. The liquid bag filter is free of cleaning, convenient, efficient, and time-saving.
7. Various specifications are available: top-entry, side-entry, vertical, horizontal, multi-bag, etc.

Product Application

Part of Applicable Industries

Applicable liquids: Extremely wide applicability scope; applicable to various fluids containing micro amount of impurities.

Main filtration function: Removing various sizes of particles, purifying water and protecting key equipment.

Filter type: Filtration of particles; regular manual replacement of filter bag.

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Our Company
Company Profile
Shanghai JCI Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading company in design and manufacturing around the world filtration industry. The company specializes in automatic and intelligent filtration, especially holds an important status in the field of self-cleaning filtration.

We have a large group of excellent technical personnel concentrating on filtration R&D. The company has strict control on all processes ranging from design to production, inspection and after-sales service as conducted by its well-experienced engineers. The awareness of quality and service as well as the spirit of detail-focused manufacturing has been penetrated into every detail of the company. Through carrying out scientific and normative management and establishing follow-up service archive for every product, we can ensure that every product and every detail of it is excellent, safe and reliable.

We are a global professional company. Over the years, we have possessed many R&D, management and manufacturing centers, marketing and service networks throughout the world. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company has two production bases in Kunshan, Jiangsu and Taiwan, China, and has agents in Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar. In the future, JCI will become a leader in the field of automatic filtration system and industrial purification technology, to enable efficient and safe filtering products to serve the whole world. 


Why Choose Us

Professional marketing personnel
1. At least 2 months of technical product training before work.
2. Reply your inquiries in 5 minutes; submit the competitive price in 2 hours.
2. Business English major and Communicate smoothly.

Professional design team

1. Custom-built filters to meet your project requirements.
2. Design in 2 hours for free.
3. After sales service engineers available to service machinery overseas or making phone calls. Solving problems in 1 hour.

We are factory

1. Self-marketing.
2. We have strict control on all processes ranging from R&D design, production, inspection and after-sales service.
3. Warmly welcome to our factory for a visit.

Product Processing

             Welding                            Assembling                        Pressure Test                          Packing

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