Royal Wolf Denim Jeans Produsen Warna Solid Polos Hitam Capris Lebar Kaki Celana Wanita JEAN Celana

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US$7,20 - US$15,00 / Potongan | 300 Potongan/potongan (Min. Order)
XS S M l XL 2 xl 3 xl
Dukungan Angkutan laut
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Rincian cepat
Jenis supply:
OEM service
Tempat asal:
Guangdong, China
Nama merek:
Royal wolf
Nomor model:
Jenis kain:
Dapat Dihirup, Berkelanjutan
Poliester Katun, Kapas, polyester, spandex, rasio kustom
Musim Panas
Tipe Fitting:
Tipe Pola:
Orang Lain
Tipe Tutup:
Tutup Luar Kancing Tarik
Tipe Pinggang:
Gaya Celana:
Celana Kaki Lebar
Celana tiga per empat
Tidak Ada
Kustom sebagai Anda sketsa desain atau sampel
Warp/benang Pakan jumlah:
10 s + 10 s * 12 s/40D atau kustom
Kelompok usia:
14-35years tua, Orang dewasa
Waktu sampel:
Waktu produksi massal:
Pembuatan kemampuan:
120000 pcs/bulan
Tipe produk:
Jenis kelamin:
Kemampuan pasokan
Kemampuan pasokan:
100000 Piece/Pieces per Month sample will use DHL international delivery service
Pengemasan & Pengiriman
Rincian Kemasan
Biasa packing setiap unit dikemas dalam satu PP tas bagian dalam kemudian dimasukkan ke dalam karton karton, kemasan dalam/tengah packing tas poliester atau Kustom sebagai tempat khusus, karton luar adalah 4 lapisan karton atau Kustom sebagai tempat khusus
Product Description

Kindly Reminding:please note royal wolf stand of a serials familial factories instead of single one , that mean we may manufacture your goods at our familial factories when our own manufacture lines are full occupied or when we find they can make it better, but royal wolf will take full in charge of it and keep everything in control.

If we have the honor to get the chance to manufacture denim garment for you please sent us a feedback at the end of this page,consult informations about the manufacture craft also welcomed.

Royal wolf denim jeans manufacturer plain solid color black capris wide leg pants woman jean pant

Washed black denim, seam detail, crop wide legJeans.

shipment details
factory details

If we have the honor to get the chance to manufacture denim garment for you please sent us a feedback at the end of this page,consult informations about the manufacture craft also welcomed.

               who we are?

Guangzhou brave wolf denim garment ltd is a denim garment factory at xintang, guangzhou, since 2007,created by John David , its business is to manufacture denim jeans, jackets, vests and overall for domestic market. Brave wolf involved in indirectly international business from 2009 by manufacturing denim garment for chinese traders, the garments finally exported to Europe ,America and South America. At 2016,Milton ,John David’s brother, an experienced international businessman, holding Guangzhou brave wolf denim garment ltd, registered a new and independent company named Guangzhou royal wolf standard denim garment ltd to handle the international business directly, and open the alibaba website to strengthen our international business. Guangzhou royal wolf standard denim garment ltd has a luxurious founded team, three experienced international businessman, Milton, Freddie, Josie, all of them with 3-5years experience in international business experience, graduated from first class university ,majored in international trading business or enterprise management, with the same business philosophy and grow background . It gets a distinctly contrast with our competitors , they always have a team with rich experience in manufacturing but most of them is illiterate, Outsource their international business issues to trade company in big city like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, shanghai, Hangzhou ,Beijing or Qingdao ….., and they are always very difficult to communicate with. With the support of our customers we accumulated in the past 7years and the help of our strong team, our international business is growing fast .
We have three manufacture departments, one packing department ,one financial department, one manage department ,one sell department and one independent QC department.

Some common sense about xintang Guangzhou: xintang is the biggest manufacture base of denim garment in the word, 70%(before was 90%) denim garments of the world are made in china,60%denim garments of china are made in xintang, and most of them is for exporting. xintang has 4600 denim factories, and more than 300000 population is occupied in denim garment manufacturing issues. Most of them is called exotic workers, means workers from inner mainland provinces of china , always means agriculture province.

why we choose denim business?

Our workers need us .
All of us, include Milton, Freddie, and Josie ,is come from inner mainland , agriculture province of china ,we are called exotic workers in Guangzhou . I am sure I am not a worker, but as long as we are not Guangdong local man, the local person will call us exotic workers to distinct us from them,the real local workers , they call them local man instead of local workers, it is depressing. Anyway, 80% population in Guangzhou and shenzhen is exotic workers. we come from inner province, and when we were a small child, our elder brothers and sisters, mother, dad, relatives and neighbors, all most all of the labor force in our hometown, left their home and go to Guangdong work as an exotic worker for better life, leave the olds and children home alone, and some times children left home alone . so in china, we have a special term to called these children who left home alone,named rural left children,sounds like deserted children. You are right ,most of our sale department members was rural left child when we are small ,stay in school to learn hard ,stay in home with a dog at the weekend ,frequently stare at the mountain far away where our parents’ silhouette disappeared at the beginning of the year and will appear again at the end of year. Our only dreams is to learn hard in school so we can get the chance to leave our rural, and go to the guanzhou city ,fight in this rich place to change our familial fate, we made it now. Most of our acquaintances include our parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, relatives and neighbors is occupied in manufacturing denim garment .they work day and night for decades, for making money to feed their children and old parents home, allow their children get better education to get a chance to get rid of the hard rural fact ,most of the workers keep their only hope to change their familial fate on their good educated children.The happiest moment when work in the factory is when they are noticed by the teacher in phone that their children get an excellent examine test score. And except from the work ,the only thing they do repeated again and again without tired is to boast to other workers how excellent their children in school.
Year after year ,family by family , our friends, families, relatives build an subculture island(means a group distinguished by local person )at xintang ,they gather together, being neighbors again as at home, speak home language ,eat home food, do the same job, their workmanship is excellent, but they are aging, and the order is less and less,(down continue)

               what we do?

Our business positioning is to combine our denim garment industrial resource to custom middle or premium denim garment for our international customers,our business way is to make alibaba international platform as our base,by using the cutting-edge international e-commercial business concept and tools like Worth Data Concept, cloud computing concept,ERP software,platform economic concept,shared economic concept and long tail economic concept to form a young,win-win and self-driven team who professional in denim garment manufacture craft and international business.we assist our customers in designing their own denim garment,once they designed a sketch that is impossible to realized, instead of taking months to sample and re-sample then be told their design have problem so can not realized as they used to be,we will point it out at the first ,and advise them to choose a similar solution to close to their inspiration, or we will revise it directly and let the customer confirm it. When sketch fixed right and confirmed, we sample it ,then manufacture the mass and finally ship it to any corner of the world as our customers’ willing. our top target is to make our international denim garment customers’ business easier and simpler,once they offer us their sample or design sketch, then all they need to do is waiting in their office and receiving the goods at their port or warehouse,we solve all the intermediate issues for them. In the future,we will online denim fabric,denim accessories and denim garment pattern for free to help our customers design their denim garment easier ,you can call it denim garment one stop solution.
Our advantage is our salesmen have comprehensive skills.all of them are excellent English speaker, they can chat with the international customer without obstacle, and all of them trained at the manufacture line together with our workers so they know all the manufacture procedure and know how to control the risk. Our opinion is man sit in cosy office can not do a right product. All our international team members know international business procedure very well, any of them can handle the export project alone.they have basic design skills,they can handle simple design issues when they are chatting with our international customers. All of them were graduated from famous university and majored in English or International Business, so they know our target market’s garment culture and can understand our customers’ design better.

(continue the upper middle vertical line )

they make very small money for most of the profit is occupied by the traders, life is being hard. The denim garment workers at xinchang know nothing except from manufacturing denim garment, they can not change their work for they do not have other skills and may 40.50years old already, and they can not go back home again, for their farm in home has been deserted for decades and there is no work chance at home at all, but they need to eat, need to keep life going . we benefited from their hard work to grown up and afford to got excellent education and get rid of the rural life ,now they need a chance to save their job, ,we have the ability to do that ,and if we do not help them out , who will do this for them? That is the hit reason why we have the chance to get a good job and work in a cosy office in big and clean city but we give it up , choose denim garment as our business. the workers really need us , we want to get more orders for our workers, allow them make money to feed themselves and their families, and offer better education for their children or grandchildren .we indebted from them, so we need to pay them back now. In one word ,we are born for denim garment,it is destined. .
The customers need us.
At often case , the international customers offer orders to the Chinese trade companies in big cities of china , the trade companies then offer the order to the factories, then sent the goods out to the customers. Yes, the traders solved the translate problem,it fitted the basic requirement of international business. But there always have conflictions , the traders sit in the cosy office in big city ,speak English very well with the customers, but most of them only learn the garment from internet and customers ,they may do garment business for decades , but they never seen how the garment is made ,not alone do one by themselves ,in one word ,they do not know the manufacture craft at all,can not understand the workers and the factories.when the customer offer them a design sketch , they translate it to the factories , and tell the factory what they need When the samples are made and sent to the customers, the customers always angry with the traders ,and the traders are angry with the factory for the sample is far from the design sketch. And once this happened ,always months later after the design sketch confirmed,means there is no chance to continue this design again for the right season will gone if they re-develop the design. This result in the customers without goods to sell in the market and may lose his customers ,so it is very easy to understand why the customers will be so angry with the traders,and the traders always double angry with the factory, they can not understand why they make it so clear to the factory what the customers need but the factory still can not manager it , whilst the factory also get very angry with traders, they fell the traders is a fool, very stupid and know nothing about denim garment at all ,because they worked hard and have done every thing they can do to make the sample close to the design sketch ,but the traders still not satisfied with it . none in this industrial can do it better , this is what the factories always complain. All of them are angry and feel innocent,so what is the problem? In fact , the problem is just a communicate problem. The customers’ designers know the end customers’ taste very well so they designed an excellent garment, but the designers also know little about the denim garment manufacture craft for there is no denim garment industrial at their place allow them to learn it at all,some design may looks nice but can not be realized by denim garment manufacture craft. When they sent the design sketch to the traders in the big city of china, the traders sit in the cosy office also know little about the denim garment manufacture craft, they translate the design into Chinese by their excellent English then sent it to the factory. Most of the factories’ members are illiteracy, they know how to do it and experienced but can not explain it clear in Chinese , not alone English. And at most cases, the factory only can say i can do it ,because once they say it is impossible to realized or if they try to explain what is the problem with the design, the traders will deem this factory is incapable ,then turn to another factory who say yes, then the factory will lose a chance to feed his workers. When the factory accepted the design, what he can do is to do everything they can do to make the sample close to the design sketch , but for the problem is exist from the beginning , and nobody fix it , so no matter how hard the factory work on it , the result will be an angry result . It is a completely communicate problem, from small to adult ,we see this game happened again and again,we think it is right time to fix it .

If we have the honor to get the chance to manufacture denim garment for you please sent us a feedback at the end of this page,consult informations about the manufacture craft also welcomed.

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