Refining Used Engine Oil Treatment Regeneration Machine

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US$19.000,00 - US$149.000,00 | 1 Set/set (Min. Order)
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Insulation Oil Lubricant Oil Transformer Oil Lainnya Mesin bekas minyak
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Chongqing, China
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ISO9001:2008, SGS
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Refining Used Engine Oil Treatment Regeneration Machine
working noise:
temperature rang:
140 degree
recovery rate:
Work Noise:
less than 75dB(A)
Motor Power:
Electricity power:
Density at 20℃ K3/MG:
Water Content:
less than 100PPm
as customer's requirement
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100 Set/Sets per Month
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Penyulingan Digunakan Mesin Pengolahan Minyak Regenerasi Mesin: kuat kasus kayu, cocok untuk jarak jauh angkutan laut transportasi dan perubahan iklim, ketahanan yang baik terhadap air dan guncangan
any port of china
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Refining Used Engine Oil Treatment Regeneration Machine

Product Description



1. Our Engine Oil recycling machine is suitable to recover and regenerate all kinds of inferior engine oil.

2. Also applicable to recover other kinds of waste oil.



1.This oil purifier used a physiochemical reaction to eliminate the electric charge between polar particulate in waste oil, which is gathered into coarse particles and removed, it is also can separate colloid, bitumen and other compound. Under high vacuum and high temperature situation the harmful gas and the water content can be removed by the deodorization and dehydration system, aiming to purify waste oil and retain the active ingredient from oil.

2. High precision stainless steel net is used, which is anti-corrosive, high temperature resistant and has a good mechanical strength and long lifetime. The pressure filter that easy to operate and economical, is used as filter medium.

3. It has a novel structure and reasonable layout, it is deemed as a "mini refinery".

4. The processing effect is obvious and the decolorization effect is straightforward, besides, it can also serve for multiple purposes.


1.used oil purifier machine 2.Environmental protection 3.change black oil color to yellow 4.remove bad odor 5.ISO,SGS


Why oil recycling machines are needed?

Facing continuous increase in oil consumption, waste oil recycling has become more attention in the world, However, the use of traditional oil refining technology, which remains common and popular, has been under criticism for many reasons. Firstly, the outputs cannot be used directly and quickly change to black colour or create bad smell. Secondly, traditional machine is harmful to environment as it creates waste residue and bad smelling.Now our company can provide you the NRY used oil purifier machine, which can quickly remove water,dirty particles,suspend impurities and change the colorto yellow.




Edges of NRY

1. Environmentally friendly, no acid used during operation, recycle the black engine oil to yellow base oil

2.The filters in filtering systems are made of stainless steel. It can extend lifetime of filtering systems. Traditional filter is made of fabric or paper which need to be replaced frequently. So using stainless steel filter can largely decrease operation cost for customers.

3.Exhaust gas removing systems can remove exhaust gas quickly and efficiently and make operation more environmentally friendly.

4. Heat preservation material which can keep heating high efficient. Reducing operation cost.

5.Low maintenance and replacement cost, Low operation cost,   High regeneration rate.

6.High performance security system including pressure protection device and automatic temperature controller makes purifier operate safely.



  Questions & Answers

1.Can NRY regenerate mixed oils?

Yes, NRY can regenerate mixed oil including used car engine oil(diesel engine oil, gasoline engine oil), motor oil, ship oil, truck oil and other industrial oil.


2.How to dispose residues and by-products?

You can burn them or bury them directly, it’s no any pollution. You also can use them as bitumen to pave the way. Additionally, you can sell it to other factories as fuel.


3.What is regeneration rate?

It depends on compositions of waste oil which you want to treat. If there is lots of water, impurities or other matters in waste oil, the regeneration rate is low. Generally, the regeneration rate is 70%-90%.


4.Are there any chemical materials needed during processing?

Yes, there are some chemical materials needed in the process. We at least add three necessary chemicals into the waste oil. 


5.What space does NRY need?

NRY-V with capacity 10,000Liters per 8 hours, the client should prepare a factory with at least 400 square meters.


6.How long is the delivery time?

Delivery time: 45days

Dimension of the machine: Length: 13.5meter; Width: 5.8meter; Length: 3.3meter.

The machine can be packed in 2×40’C container.


7.How long is warranty period?

Tongrui provide twelve (12) months after the start up of the system.


We will dispatch Engineer go to your factory to help you install and commission the machine.the following picture was took when engineer go to Pakistan.



Our Machines:

Our products are largely used in the fields of electric power, petroleum, natural gas, mine, machinery manufacturing, steel,
metallurgy, chemical industry, railway station, aviation and shipping etc. large enterprise. Our products involve in ZJA Series Double Stage Vacuum Insulation Oil and Transformer Oil Purifier, ZJB\ZJBT Series Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier, ZJC Series Turbine Oil Refinery, ZJD Series Lubrication and Hydraulic Oil Purifier, ZJL Series Multi-function Oil Recycling system, YL Series Portable Oil Purifier, NRY Engine Oil Recycling Machine and ZJD-F Fuel Oil Purifier,DIR Vacuum Distillation etc. our machines cover more than 500 different model products in 30 series and can meet different needs of customers. We can offer different settle blueprint according to customers' special requirement to confirm safety production and decrease cost.





Our Clients

we have cooperated with many customers around the world and have good quality control such as ISO9001,2000 and SGScertificates. Our machine mainly sold to Middle East(Dubai, Pakistan, Yeman, Saudi Arabia), Southwest of Asia(Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Viet nam, Cambodia, Philippines, Hongkong), Africa(Egypt, Kenya, Mali, Lybia),Europe (Italy, England, Albania, Spain, Greece) and South America (Hondurase,Mexico,Colombia, Chile,Peru) etc.



After-sales Services
One year guarantee for product quality. (People damaged parts are charged).
Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply.
Free design of fixtures as customers required.
Free training for machines installation and operation of the staffs.



One year guarantee for product quality. (People damaged parts are charged).
Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply.
Free design of fixtures as customers required.
Free training for machines installation and operation of the staffs.

After-sales service
The machine warranty is 12months (excluding consumable materials), equipment during the warranty period problems in implement three guarantees, any problems are processed by the seller for free. Over the warranty period, the seller provide life-long free technical services, only needing spare parts cost.

Welcome to visit us, Your inquiries are highly welcomed at any time, we are ready to make a response very soon


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