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Mesin Pembuat Masker Bedah Favorit Non-Woven, Mesin Las Spot Ultrasonik untuk Masker N95 Pita Telinga Loop

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Jenis mesin:
Ultrasonik Topeng mesin spot welding
Berlaku Industri:
Masker produsen
Setelah Layanan Garansi:
Video Dukungan Teknis, Dukungan Online, Suku Cadang
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Tidak Ada
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Pemasaran Tipe:
Produk Baru 2020
Garansi dari Komponen Inti:
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Komponen Inti:
Ultrasonic mask ear strap spot welding machine
Tempat asal:
Shanghai, China
Nama merek:
1 Tahun
Purna jual layanan yang disediakan:
Video Dukungan Teknis, Dukungan Online
Jual Kunci Poin:
Operasi sederhana dan pemeliharaan, harga rendah
Berat (Kg):
AC220v 50HZ
Daya yang diizinkan:
Dinilai siklus:
48CM * 42CM*48CM
mask making
Welding mode:
Used for:
mask making
white or custom made
stainless steel
Welding material:
non-woven fabrics
Foot Pedal
Welding Spot Number:
Ultrasonic frequency:
50 hz
Power (kW):

Pengemasan & Pengiriman

jual Unit:
item tunggal
ukuran paket tunggal: 
48X42X48 cm
tunggal berat kotor:
20.000 kg
Jenis paket:
Standar laut kemasan dapat dikemas sesuai dengan kebutuhan pelanggan. Saat ini kemasan kemasan kotak kayu.
Contoh Gambar:
Waktu Pemenuhan Pesanan: :
Kuantitas() 1 - 100 101 - 500 501 - 1000 >1000
Estimasi Waktu (hari) 15 20 30 Dapat dinegosiasikan
Video Description

Our company provides a large number of mask production equipment: mask printing machine, mask edge banding machine, mask spot welding machine, if you need specific parameters, you can contact online customer service!

Customers can choose the mode of transportation: express, sea, land, air.

Remarks: The freight and surcharge are borne by the customer.


Mask spot welding machine

Mask ear-loop welding machine is specially designed for all kinds of masks making which including N95 mask,C shape,Cup shape, Medical 3-ply disposable mask etc...

This machine is a idea machine that match with other mask making machine to meet high production efficiency, simple operation and stable quality. smart design and good quality masks making. Moreover,just change the mould or horn ,it could be used for different products like zipper,bra strap welding etc.

Spot welding machine can be operated by one worker and the on-off of the spot head welding controlled by foot pedal.Time of welding can be adjusted based on different kinds of mask materials which can be realized by adjusting the relay inside of cylinder or by adjusting the air pressure.Low energy consumption,ultrasonic only available working in the precise area of the welding part. Meanwhile, operation of this machine no need preheating and head preservation.

The process of ultrasonic welding on mask making to eliminate the glue using and allow the thermoplastic parts to be self bonded.  Friendly environmental, low noise and easy operation which helps the mask making company to generate a comfortable working atmosphere.

Reduce Raw Material Cost-Eliminate use of consumable material.

Increase Mask Make Quality-Produce airtight and watertight seams.

Reduce Time Cost-Ultrasonic welding on ear belt faster than manual glue connection.

Features and functions

Uses: Mouth setting machine single ear spot welding machine.
Counting function timing function: every point counts a number, a mask will count 4
Can be arbitrarily set to ensure that each welding point achieves the best effect, to prevent the operator from irregular operations affecting the quality (the welding time is too long or too short).
Drive mode: cylinder drive.

1. Low price, easy to operate.

2. Low Noise.

3. Foot-pedal control.

4. Pneumatic driven allows fast welding.

5. 100% QC inspection before shipment.

6.Earloop facemask welder is mainly used in the welding of earloop of nonwoven masks.

7.Foot pedal control, easy to operate.

Technical Parameters

                          Specifications For Ultrasonic kn95 Face Mask Ear Loop Spot Welding Machine




Ultrasonic frequency



1phase, 220V


50 hz

around 15-20pcs/min

Product weight: 20kg.
Product size: 48*42*48cm.
Supply voltage operation mode: AC220V 50HZ.
Power: 500/800W.
Control: foot control.
Air pressure range: 4-6KGF adjustable.

Matters needing attention in spot welding of mask machine

1. Purpose: In order to extend the service life of the spot welding machine, give full play to its effectiveness, make the products from the spot welding conform to the process and quality requirements; and standardize the spot welding operation.

2. Scope: Suitable for spot welding of all mask machines produced by our company.

3. Operation process: schematic diagram.

1) Turn on the power switch to check whether the equipment is energized normally, step on the gas supply pedal, and the gas circuit operates normally.
2) Check whether the spot welding surface of the welding pin is level, and check whether the spot welding surface of the spot welding pin has been oxidized, burned or loose or dirty by foreign objects.
If necessary, the spot welding needle needs to be cleaned until the surface is clean and free of oxides (see Figure 2).
3) Check the current, the height of the spot welding needle to the welding surface, and the air pressure parameters of the spot welding machine.
The effect of debugging is that the products produced by spot welding meet the following requirements; otherwise, it needs to be re-debugged until the products produced by spot welding can meet the requirements.
A: The solder joints of the products from spot welding are not melted and burnt
B: The earbands spot welded on the mask can withstand a static (straight pull) of 2Kg at least
C: The shape of the solder joint is smooth, the pattern is clear, and it does not spread to the mask cloth
4) After the commissioning of the spot welder is OK, perform spot welding
4.1 Take the mask with your left hand, with the welding side facing up. The welding position is directly under the welding pin. Take the ear strap (pre-cut) with your left hand and place it under the welding pin
After preparing, use the foot to step on the pedal and the welding pin will automatically press down the welding (the same welding spot can not be spot welded twice), and the welding time will automatically rise after reaching the time
Single spot welding is completed
4.2 Repeat 4.1 on the other welding points of the mask (a total of 4 points). After completion, check the welding effect, enter the next process with OK, and remove NG
5) Please do not arbitrarily adjust the height and parameters of spot welder and weldment during spot welding operation. If any problems are found, please contact the on-site engineer
6) If there are novices who want to perform spot welding operations, they should be trained before they can go to work, and verify whether the products that start spot welding meet the tensile force
And process requirements

7) Because the performance of each spot welding machine is slightly different, in order to make the products and working efficiency of spot welding reach the optimal state, it is not necessary
In this case, do not mobilize the operator to operate other machines. That is, an operator specializes in operating a machine
8) The spot welded products can only be transferred to the next process after self-inspection
9) When the welding pin is worn to a certain degree (pattern is flattened), the welding pin needs to be replaced. When replacing the welding pin, the engineering and technical personnel must recalibrate the machine before use
10) During the spot welding operation, if abnormal operation of the equipment is found, the power should be turned off in time and reported to the team leader for processing

4. Matters needing attention

1) When using the machine, please do not try to put your finger under the welding pin (normally, the finger cannot be put in), so as to avoid possible physical injury
2) When spot welding, the machine needs to be well grounded
3) When the machine is disabled for a long time (more than half an hour), the power should be turned off

5. Maintenance

1) The operator performs dust removal and maintenance on the surface of the spot welding machine every day
2) Every day, the equipment maintenance personnel shall maintain and maintain the movable parts of the equipment (anti-loose)
3) Every week, the equipment engineer maintains the interior of the equipment

Precautions for maintenance of spot welding machine

1. Purpose: In order to extend the service life of the spot welding machine, give full play to its effectiveness, and make the products from the spot welding conform to the process and quality requirements

2. Scope: Suitable for spot welding and maintenance of all mask machines produced by our company
3. Inspection and maintenance items:
Electrical part
1) Check whether the equipment is properly grounded, and the grounding resistance is not greater than 4 ohms
2) Check whether the joints are loose
3) Check whether the timer display is normal and the welding time is accurate
4) Check whether the counter display is normal and the count is accurate
Pneumatic part
1) Check whether the air pressure is normal, the air pressure range is 4-6KG/F
2) Check whether the air pipe joints are loose or leaking
3) Check whether the cylinder moves smoothly. There is no abnormal noise
1) The spot welding effect meets the specifications
2) The foot switch is sensitive and moderate
3) The distance between the welding pin and the backing plate is between 0.05-0.2mm
4) The ultrasonic wave is normal

5. Maintenance
1) The operator must perform a visual inspection on the surface of the spot welder and remove the dust before cleaning
2) On-site engineers perform routine maintenance inspections on equipment every two hours
3) Test the unprepared electrical functions once a day


Various styles and models are available:



Packaging & Shipping


Our Services

1.We can do the designs according to customer’s requirements.

We can open their own molds according to customers requirements.
2.Small order is welcome, the MOQ is 1 pc.
3.Sampling inspection for each order.
4.Safe packing.
One by one test for the sample order.
5.100% factory direct sale
6.Prompt delivery.
We can offer you a good after-sell service.
7.Support OEM according to your requirements;
8.We are looking forward to contacting and cooperation with all circles,and try our best to meet your special requirements, and supply you with our excellent quality products and services.


Company Information

    Shanghai Mingwan Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd.Company Profile:Shanghai Mingwan Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise established in 2010. Mingwan Instrument is a manufacturer of water and heat meters with a history of 10 years.

    Mingwan is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production, sales and technical service of intelligent instrument technology. The product range includes: ultrasonic heat meters, mechanical heat meters, ultrasonic water meters, volume water meters, single jet and multi-jet mechanical or magnetic drive water meters, lora water meters, NB-IOT water meters, and other flow meters, electronic modules, and charge management system solutions Solution and system integration. All instruments are direct reading or remote transmission: pulse output, M-BUS, RS485, GPRS, LoRa, LoRawan, NB-IOT remote transmission.

    The company has three standard SMT production lines, 10 heat meter test benches, 10 water meter test benches, 30 related testing equipment, and an annual production capacity of 1.5 million sets. The annual testing and measurement work complies with the strict national regulations. The company is currently a large-scale, multi-variety, and fully-equipped manufacturing enterprise in China. It is an ISO9001: 2008, ISO 4064 quality system certification enterprise.

    We have the right to import and export independently. After more than ten years of product export and research and development, we have now become the designated manufacturers for OEM processing in Europe and the United States. Through cooperation and the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the quality of our products is reliable and we continue to meet the domestic market demand At the same time, 500,000 water meters and 400,000 heat meters are sold to more than 40 countries, including Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Russia, and are favored by customers.

    We have ten years of design and development experience. We have a team of professional engineers and advanced technology, and efficient after-sales service. We are willing to provide OEM and ODM products and solutions for all partners. We use flexible and responsive mechanisms to improve our communication efficiency.We look forward to contacting and cooperating with people from all walks of life, striving to meet your special requirements and providing you with quality products and services



Q:Why choose you ?
A:We have professional team of workers,service and testing equipments,and we have our own factory, so our price is reasonable.
Q:Do you offer customized packing?
A:Yes!All of our products can be packed as your requirement.
Q:Could you print our company logo on the nameplate and package?
A:Yes,we can.
Q: If products have some quality problem, how would you deal with?
A: We will responsible for all the quality problems.
Q: Can I get samples from your factory?
A: Yes, Samples can be provided.
Q. what is your payment term?
A: T/T 30% down payment, balance to be paid before shipment. or L/C.

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