Alami herbal obat untuk disfungsi ereksi male enhancement

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Herbal Extract
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Hunan, China
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Solvent Extraction
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HACCP, IOS22000, ISO9001, Kosher, Halal
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15 Ton/Tons per Year
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  Natural herbal male enhancement medicine for erectile dysfunction

Product Description


What is   Natural herbal male enhancement medicine for erectile dysfunction  GeneFenuTM MaleMax?

If your bedroom seems more like the “bored room” these days, GeneFenuTM MaleMax can kick-start your sex life in a natural way, the main ingredients fenugreek seed, horny goat week and tribulus terrestris etc, are considerably much safer than resorting to a chemical ED medicine.

GeneFenuTM MaleMax can help you achieve a sexual enhancing result within 1~2days after proper & right taken. Used for more than 1,000 years in traditional Chinese medicine, the main ingredients will naturally and greatly enhance the sexual performance; meanwhile, it can largely increase the libido level, energy level, testosterone level in the body, and help to solve the ED problems.


  • Natural herbal medicine for treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Proprietary - Formulated on the basis of ancient secret Chinese formula of 7 herbs for male enhancement/ testosterone level increase/ erectile dysfunction.
  • All natural, Effective and Safe; Fast Acting within 1~2 days;
  • No after fatigue feeling;
  • Keeps Working (Lasts) for 2 or 3 days after one dose (900mg);
  • Attain harder, stronger and more frequent erections;
  • Increase sexual libido;
  • Decrease premature ejaculation;


Product Code



GeneFenu TM MaleMax Tab


Used for making tablets

GeneFenu TM MaleMax Cap


Used for encapsulating

GeneFenu TM MaleMax Drk


Used for Drinks




WHAT MAKES  Natural herbal male enhancement medicine for erectile dysfunction GeneFenuTM MaleMax  SPECIAL?


1. Natural CTM herbal extracts with a Quick Result

Be used for more than 1,000 years in Chinese traditional medicine and formulated from 7 high concentrated herbal extracts, GeneFenuTM MaleMax showed a quick and effective erection enhancing results. A research of GeneFenuTMMaleMax on Rat Erection time after taken GeneFenuTM MaleMax & Viagra was done in our lab, the result shows as follows:



The result shows GeneFenuTM MaleMax can greatly shorten the Mice’s eriction time;  the erection time shortened by 96.9% for the most compare to the blank control group, and the rats taken GeneFenuTM MaleMaxit shows a half average erection time than the positive control group-Viagra.



2. Libido Enhanced in a Natural way

 Unlike any other libido enhancer in the market, GeneFenuTM MaleMax not only enhancestestosterone level naturally but also helps stimulate the gonepoiesis,

the production of the sperm, so to greatly increase the libido level, we did a
mating test on rats in our lab, and the result shows as follows:


The result shows GeneFenuTM MaleMax can largely increase the Mice’s libido level, as we can see in the chart the libido level has increased by 156 times compared to the blank control group.



From the above chart with mating times and ejaculation frequency data, we can see it clearly that, the Viagra has a higher mating times, while with a ejaculation rate at 58.8% only; while GeneFenuTM MaleMax got a average ejaculation rate at 84.8%, which means GeneFenuTM MaleMax has naturally increased the libido, enhanced the sexual performance ,and with much less side effects. 


3.Natural prohormones increase your testosterone levels.

Testosterone is the most crucial hormone for male’s healthy libido. High testosterone levels are the key to quickly support your sex and energy. Unfortunately, your body’s normal levels may not be adequate enough to help you achieve your goals. What’s worse, as you age, natural testosterone production declines.


Testosterone levels are measured in nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) in the Y-axis.


As traditional Chinese medicine, the ingredients fenugreek seed, Tribulus Terrestris and wide yam could increase the testosterone level of body by stimulating the body to produce luteinizing hormone and dehydroepiandrosterone naturally; and then help with the sexual dysfunction, libido disorder and to stimulate the body with an energy supply. 


We did a researche of GeneFenuTM MaleMax on Increasing Serum Testosterone Level on Lab rats after 30days taken, the result shows:

 Testosterone levels are measured in nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) in the Y-axis.

GeneFenuTMMaleMax can increase Rat serum testosterone level by 118%after 30days taken; and it can prevent the reduction of testosterone level during exhaustive exercise, and speed up the recovery of body function.


4.   Anti-fatigueability & No side effects

GeneFenuTMMaleMax can not only fast increase the libido and enhance sexual performance but also guarantee an anti-fatigue ability, this is result from the other herbs as Cordyceps Sinensis etc. which mainly used to provide an overall care in China for a long history will boost your energy and improve well-being.

We did a research of GeneFenuTMMaleMax on Rat burden swimming after 7days taken, the result shows:

The result shows GeneFenuTMMaleMax can delay Mice’s swimming time and survival time of normobaric hypoxia, shows a great anti-fatigue function, the swimming time increased by 137% for the most. Besides, a Characterization observation test was taken in our lab, and the result shows:

Rats’ Characterization Observation after Mating Test ( ±SD,n=10)




After 2day’s stop feeding

Blank control group

Equal volume water


Positive control group(Viagra)


Low spirits

GF -MM high dose group


Water intake increased

GF-MM middle dose group



GF-MM low dose group



 Comparing with blank control group * P>0.05 ** P<0.05 *** P<0.01


We can see clearly that the positive group (Viagra) showed a heavy side effect after a normal dosage, while the GeneFenuTM MaleMax performed an amazing anti-fatigue ability in all doses. 


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To establish long-term cooperation with customers, thus we will provide you the best both Before-Sales and After-Sales Service.
Before-Sales Service
1. A small amount of free samples;
2. Strong technical supports from our factory and research Center;
3. Suggest appropriate solutions to your project.
4. Full set of technical data, as CoA, MoA, MSDS, Process Flow, Test Reports, etc.
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2. Assistance on the customs clearance;
3. Confirm the intact commodity received;
4. Perfect product tracking system and service;
5. The quality problem of goods is responsible by us.

Packaging & Shipping


25kg/drum,double layers plastic bags inside.


Company Information


Geneham Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. has been specializing in extracting natural herbal active ingredients since 2006. With rich experience of developing, manufacturing & researching, Geneham now owned a rosemary plantation which covered an area of nearly 2,000,000 square meters, a research center with close technical connection with Central South University, Hunan Agriculture University and Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, and a professional production plant equipped with a full set of advanced facilities for extraction, concentration, column chromatography, refined separation, freeze drying, vacuum drying, spray drying, etc.



Research Center

Production Plant



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