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Tekanan kerja:
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Transformer Oil
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Rincian cepat
3000Liters per hour
Tempat asal:
Chongqing, China
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1 Tahun
Purna jual layanan yang disediakan:
Dukungan Online
After-sales Service Provided:
Engineers available to service machinery overseas
filter precision:
5 micron
Kemampuan pasokan
Kemampuan pasokan:
200 Set/Sets per Month small scale crude oil refinery
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Rincian Kemasan
kasus kayu, atau karena setiap pelanggan diperlukan. kontainer pengiriman. terhadap lama pengiriman
any port of China
Video Description


1.Equipment composition

1)main components:spray gun,combustor/combustion chamber/burner,reactor,waste oil pump,gas manifold,sludge tank,condenser,oil tank,water seal/water block/hydroseal,induced draft fan/exhaust fan,dust removal chamber,chimney,electric control cabinet etc.

 2)Combustor will provide heat energy for the entire process. Under the action of heat energy, the material will be cracked and generated a lot of oil vapor, which will be discharged into gas-oil separator and then passed into oil through condensers.Those incondensable gas will be filtered through water seal and last torched.what’s more ,we’ll handle the black smoke produced during processing in the dust removal chamber.


2. Features:

1)The entire process is absolutely environmental protection without any smoke and smell.

2) Decompression device is adopted water-circulation type to guarantee the security of the whole system.

3) The unit-time productive capacity as well as the quality of final oil will be rose drastically after decompression during the whole production process.

4) The heat system is adopted hot air heating technology,not only safety but also efficiency is increased in the production processing.

5)High-efficiency gas heating system.During the oil refining processing, there are some gases(methane--butane)produced when the temperature up to 150℃.Those gases will be burned in the special gas nozzle to produce a lot of energy and to save the resources.

6) The flue dust removal system with bidirectional spiral hydrodynamic impact on dust chamber can ensure that soot emission can be reached national standard for effluent discharge.


3. Period warranty

100% brand new, we take one year(any of the damage caused by buyer shall not be the seller’s responsibility)quality guaranty.






Trade terms:

EXW or FOB Chongqing( or any port of China) CIF, CFR( or according to customers)


Packing details:

wooden cases, bamboo weaving cases: suitable for long distance ocean freight transportation and changing climate, good resistance to moisture and shocks


Delivery time:

After 1~90work days, it depends on the specific goods


Min. Order:

1 set, the more, the better price



FREE Pre-sale service:

1) We provide presales service in various forms, for example, making investment budget, manufacturing, so that the customers can make reasonable plan with less cost.

2) Investment budgeting: we provided services of product profit analysis, recommendation of machine and relevant budgeting, human resources allocation and budgeting

3) Plant planning: we provide the dimension of the equipment base, design of the equipment layout, workshop construction suggestion ect.

4)provide the detail information of our our machines need to learn by our customers


FREE In-sale service:

1) Detailed design of lay-out that is the position of the procession according to the blueprint of customer’s factory

2) All the technology information for the products

3) Guide the machine’s installation and train the customers to use the machine for free


FREE After-sale service:

1) We provide customers free training so that they can use and maintain the machines independently

2) We will answer customers’ questions on technology in time. If needed, we will offer on-site guidance and assist

3) We will provide free technical guidance, if customers need new equipment, add or rebuild equipment

4) All the machines are life-long free technical assistant.

5) All the machines are at most warranty 24months for main parts. The consumable parts are 12months.






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