Produsen Mesotherapy Gun Mesin untuk Perawatan Kulit

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US$500,00 - US$2.500,00 / Unit | 1 Unit/unit (Min. Order)
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Rincian cepat
Mesotherapy Gun
Tempat asal:
Guangdong, China
Nama merek:
Nomor model:
Wrinkle Remover, Anti-Bengkak, Blood Vessels Removal, Dark Circles, pelembap, Pigment Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Pemutih
Mesotherapy Gun Injeksi
Utama fucntion:
Menyuntikkan semua jenis obat cair
Jarum tunggal kaliber:
Injeksi kedalaman:
0.25 ~ 10mm disesuaikan
Bernyanyi jarum/Multi-jarum/Vacuum 3 in 1
Multi jarum:
3 jarum 4 jarum 5 jarum 9 jarum
50 W
Tempat aplikasi:
Salon/Klinik/Rumah Sakit/Rumah
Cina/Inggris/Rusia/Jerman/Perancis/Bahasa Arab
Kemampuan pasokan
Kemampuan pasokan:
5000 Unit/Units per Month
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Shipped in 5 days after payment

Manufacturer Mesotherapy Gun Machine for Skin Care 






Water mesotherapy is to inject hyaluronic acid into skin. Hyaluronic acid contains moisture, 200-300 times as rich as one's body. So that it makes the skin smooth, soft, bright and hydrated after the injection. In order to keep the skin hydrated, ladies always choose varied skin care products.Actually, skin care products only hydrate moisture on the cutin. So that over smearing those products cannot deeply provide moisture for the skin.


As we know, acne, wrinkle and inelasticity would appear if skin lacks moisture. Water mesotherapy will solves all the problems by reason of lacking moisture, such as sallow skin, color spot, wrinkle… And it will supply moisture for dermis.


Therefore water mesotherapy will works well on whitening, moisturizing and renewing inelasticity.




1). Forehead,temple,periorbital,perioral and cheek photoaging.
2). Cheek and lip augmentation
3). Atrophic scar improvement
4). Hair pore shrink and neck wrinkle improvement
5). Mesotherapy gun beauty injection machine



Appliance Scope

1), wrinkles, large pores, skin sagging;
2), freckles, date spot, age spots, melasma, pigmentation and other pigment disorders;
3), telangiectasia, skin flushing, rosacea, erythema, acne and other vascular diseases;
4), skin muddy, finish lower, more sebum, acne. 




1.Applicated for endogenous and exogenous injection
2.has 5 pins injection technology which can speed up the treatment process
3.Adjustable injection depth, doses, speed and suction intensity.
4.Anti-backflow technology applicated for medicine and blood.

5.6 LanguageChinese,English,Russian,French,German,Arabic



Technical Parameter




Voltage110V/240V    50Hz/60Hz
Display4.3 inches LCD touch screen
Multi-needle3needles, 4needles, 5needles, 9needles
ModeLow speed/High speed/ 10-250 times/min
AdvantageSing needle, Multi-needle, Vacuum, 3 in 1
Single needle caliber0.25mm,  Depth: 0.25~10mm
Multi-needle caliber0.25mm,  Depth:0.25~5mm
Vacuum Flow25L/min  Pressure: 90Kpa





Accessories and detail








Before and after


Q: How long surgery will take time?
A: After the first to anesthetic cream applied after washing the face 30 to 40 minutes, amidst the injection takes only 10 minutes, then apply a mask from the calming effect of the shortest 1 Hours, up to one hour and a half will end;

Q: Shuiguang injection will hurt it?
A: Because it is injected more or less a kind of tingling sensation. Like face and eyes and other sensitive areas will be some pain, but still and personal constitution There is a big difference, however he was able to accept the pain;

Q: After the surgery there will be swelling or bruising of the situation it?
A: swelling and bruising is personal physical circumstances, there will be little difference, but in the end completely within one week of no, this can not worry too much!

Q: require several injections?
A: In general would recommend injections three times within one year at least three times, up to 6 times;

Q: How long it can be maintained?
A: effect will be produced after one week, amidst a general injection can be maintained for about three months,  Shuiguang PRP injections can be maintained for 6 months to one year's time;



Payment, Delivery Time, and Shipping 

Payment Method

T/T bank transfer; Western Union; Paypal; Escrow; MoneyGram

Delivery Time

3-5 workdays after receiving the payment; or according to clients' requests

Shipping Type

ship by Express ( door to door ) ; DHL; TNT; UPS; FEDEX; EMS

ship by Air express to airport

ship by sea



All in one, we will try our best to serve you and also need your fully cooperation. Thanks.


If you are interested in this item, pls do not hesitate to send us an inquiry, we would be happy to send you more details and our best price.


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