laser ukiran mesin denim untuk mencuci , kumis , fade out , logo , foto

FOB Referensi Harga:Dapatkan Harga Terbaru
1 Set/set ( seperti pesanan pelanggan ) (Min. Order)
Dukungan Angkutan laut
laporan Aktivitas Yang Mencurigakan
Rincian cepat
Bahan yang berlaku:
Laser engraving jins denim
Laser jenis:
Kecepatan ukiran:
0-20000 mm/s
Format grafis didukung:
Ai, Plt, Dxf, Bmp, Dst, DWG, DXP
Laser Engraving
Cnc atau tidak:
Ya (Mohon Beri Rincian,
Mode pendinginan:
Pendingin Air
Tempat asal:
Hubei, China
Nama merek:
Laser emas
Nomor model:
Zj (3d)-9090 TB
Dimensi (l * w * h):
3.75x2.22x2.07 m
Laser jenis :
Co2 rf logam Laser
Daya laser :
500 w/300 w
Galvo luas efektif :
900mm x 900mm/1200mm x 1200mm
Kecepatan pemrosesan galvo :
0-20000 mm/s
Tipe meja kerja :
Conveyor belt karet transportasi
Memperpanjang meja pakan daerah :
1100mm lebar x 1500mm panjang
Kecepatan conveyor :
0-600 mm/s
Meja conveyor bermotor :
Motor servo
Sistem kontrol :
Laser emas iii kartu kendali
Sistem pembuangan :
Tetap atas exhaust fan, pukulan udara penggemar
Purna jual layanan yang disediakan:
Insinyur tersedia untuk layanan mesin di luar negeri
Daerah ukiran:
900mm x 900mm
Kemampuan pasokan
Kemampuan pasokan:
6000 Set/Sets per Year (Customized Model Acceptable)
Pengemasan & Pengiriman
Rincian Kemasan
paket kasus kayu
Waktu Pemenuhan Pesanan: :
15~30 Working Days

Laser Machine Engraving Denim for Washing,Whisker,Fade Out,Logo,Photo

Denim Jeans Laser Engraving Machine | Seeking Users & Distributors Globally!


Machine Description

 <Model No.1>  Denim Jeans Laser Engraving System ZJ(3D)-9090TB

 Laser Machine Engraving Denim Application and Industry 

Ÿ  Suitable for jeans, denim and corduroy

Ÿ  Applicable to jeans, apparel and household products industry


 Laser Machine Engraving Denim Features 

Ÿ   This system is designed for jeans, denim garment and clothing pieces, can successfully replace traditional engraving techniques. Clean, save energy, no pollution and strong personalized.

Ÿ   Circle feed processing. While in the process, at the same time it also can load material with high productivity.

Ÿ   This machine is equipped with 500W RF metal laser tube and triaxial dynamic large-format galvanometer control system, Low maintenance cost. Fully closed structure. Smoking effect is good. Safe and reliable system.

Ÿ   It can engrave a variety of personalized designs such as cat whiskers, monkeys, tattered, worn, snow, portrait and other effects with clear texture and never fade.


 Laser Machine Engraving Denim Technical Parameters 


<Model No. 2> Smart Denim Jeans Laser Engraving System ZJ(3D)-120120Q

Laser Machine Engraving Denim Application and Industry 

Ø  Suitable for jeans, denim and corduroy

Ø  Applicable to jeans, apparel and household products industry


Laser Machine Engraving Denim Features 

Ø   Smart denim laser engraving system adopts 3D rotation processing mode, image precision positioning system, through the rotation speed of the mannequin and the ease of operation of the device, so that the whole production process smoothly for efficient processing of jeans.

Ø   With multi-station processing platform, front and back of jeans automatically rotate. Feeding, engraving, receiving processing operation. One-time automatic processing. High efficiency.

Ø   This system uses inflatable three-dimensional processing mode, wide viewing angle servo engraved pattern more consistent, strong overall sense of color and delicate, higher quality, greatly enhance jeans added value.

Ø   It can engrave a variety of personalized designs such as cat whiskers, monkeys, tattered, worn, snow, portrait and other effects with clear texture and never fade.

Ø   Humanized foot switch design, easier to operate.


Laser Machine Engraving Denim Technical Parameters 


<Model No.3> Affordable Denim Jeans Laser Engraving System ZJ(3D)-9045TB

Laser Machine Engraving Denim  Application Material and Industry 

Ÿ   Suitable for jeans, denim and corduroy

Ÿ   Applicable to jeans, apparel and household products industry


Laser Machine Engraving Denim Features 

Ÿ   With compact design, save space. Particularly suitable for the personalized design processing jeans denim garment pieces and parts of garment. Low equipment cost, simple and convenient operation, low maintenance costs.

Ÿ   The machine is equipped with 150W RF metal laser tube. Adjustable laser output power and processing speed for save energy to the maximum.

Ÿ   Mutual shuttle zinc-iron alloy honeycomb working table. It can realize multi-position working. If using the fly mode, the working format can reach to 1500mmX750mm

Ÿ   It can engrave a variety of personalized designs such as cat whiskers, monkeys, tattered, worn, snow, portrait and other effects with clear texture and never fade.

Ÿ   Ventilation system. Foot switch for easy operation.


Laser Machine Engraving Denim Technical Parameters 


<Model No.4> High Speed Roll to Roll Denim Laser Engraving System ZJJF(3D)-160LD

Laser Machine Engraving Denim Application and Industry 

Ÿ   Suitable for jeans, denim and corduroy

Ÿ   Applicable to jeans, denim, apparel, household products, home textile, carpet industry


Laser Machine Engraving Denim Features 

Ÿ   Specially design for continuous engraving for full format denim fabric. It can realize high speed laser engraving roll denim and corduroy fabric in 1600mm width.

Ÿ   It adopts flying engraving technique, laser engraving while material moving. There is no need of pausing for the materials to be engraved. Without splicing, the pattern engraved will be more natural and with high productivity.

Ÿ   Compared with traditional dyeing processing technology, it has the advantages of no pollution, short process-cycle, no need of pattern making, easy and convenient graphic making and modification. The images engraved are clear and three-dimensional that greatly enhance the quality and value-added of fabric.

Ÿ   It is suitable for large format engraving and greatly increases the quality and added value of the materials.

Ÿ   Equipped with 500W RF metal laser tube for standard collocation. The processing speed is fast and the effect is precision.

Ÿ   Equipped with red light positioning device, ensuring precise material feeding and processing quality.

Ÿ   5 inch LCD screen CN operation system supports multiple data transmission mode and can run in offline and online mode.


Laser Machine Engraving Denim Technical Parameters 



Laser Engrave Sample

Laser Engraving Denim Jeans Samples Display


Why Golden Laser

Eight Reasons for Choosing Golden Laser

 Ø1. Simple Processing, Saving Labor 

Laser engraving only need import the designed graphics and multiple processes can be done in one step so as to save a lot of labor cost and more efficient.

 Ø2. Conformity, Low Rejection Rate 

Just set up the best laser engraving process parameters, to ensure the conformity of the effect of all finished products, avoiding the quality differences of traditional manual processing

 Ø3. Personalized Value-Added 

Compared to traditional manual only process relatively simple graphics, laser engraving can produce a clear artistic pattern on denim fabric. These patterns may include text, numbers, logos, images. Precise laser engraving process can also present monkeys, whiskers, worn, washing and other effects. Jeans laser engraved graphics without any restrictions, can easily combine with fashion elements to enhance the broad personalized value-added space.

 Ø4. Environmentally Friendly 

Processing mainly by means of optical, mechanical and electrical, denim laser process completely abandoned all kinds of high pollution sources, such as sand blasting, oxidation, printing and dyeing, which can protect environment by the greatest extent.

 Ø5. Wide Range of Application 

After many years of accumulated technology and application development, Golden Laser has been developed for multi-platform full range of denim laser engraving equipment. Customers can equip with the most suitable products according to their own needs and processing scale to create the highest profit.

 Ø6. Competitive Price 

Golden Laser has 14 years of experience in the textile and apparel industry and established healthy patterns of new product development, control costs and more benefits back to customers.

 Ø7. Service 

Golden Laser has professional sales team, consultant team, and after-sale service team that could ensure customers impeccable service on site as well as remote service over phone or internet video.

 Ø8. Win-Win Cooperation 

Golden Laser can help business partners set up a joint laboratory to explore creative products and win a position in denim processing market. Reduce investment risk and accelerate transformation of traditional denim enterprise.



Buying Guides

 ♦We are not only providing laser machines & solutions, but also looking for cooperative partner.

 ♦We hope to work with you and search for new business mode, developing jeans laser market together.

If you are interested in this high profitable and low cost project, please get back with your local situation, such as:

  • a: your company jeans production output per month?
  • b: unit price of jeans washing/laser engraving?
  • c: capacity of the jeans wash market locally?
  • d: how is the laser engraving application situation and tendency in your country?

 Laser Machine Engraving Denim | GOLDEN LASER Providing Complete Jeans Laser Solution ! 

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