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BBL Bantal Bantal-Post Pemulihan Pemulihan Operasi Brasil Butt Lift Bantal + Booty Dukungan

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Rincian cepat
100% Polyester
busa memori atau EVAor PU busa
bordir atau pencetakan
Kelompok usia:
Matras Anti-Decubitus, Pijat, Memori, Tahan Air
Pantai, Perlengkapan Tempat Tidur, Tempat Duduk Bayi, Kursi, Natal, Dekoratif, Kaki, Beranda, Hotel, Luar Ruangan, Kursi, Yoga
gelombang bentuk
15.5*7.5*3.5 Inci/17.5*7*3.5 inch/16.5*6.5*3.5 inch/16*8*4.5 inch
Tempat asal:
Guangdong, China
Nama merek:
Nomor model:
nama produk:
Bantal kursi
500 pcs
Nyeri Punggung bawah
33 kg/m3
hitam, abu-abu, biru atau OEM
15.5*7.5*3.5 Inci/17.5*7*3.5 inch/16.5*6.5*3.5 inch/16*8*4.5 inch
Neoprene cver atau Nilon penutup atau penutup beludru

Pengemasan & Pengiriman

jual Unit:
item tunggal
ukuran paket tunggal: 
54X50X59 cm
tunggal berat kotor:
10.500 kg
Jenis paket:
PVC tas/oppbag/warna kotak 21 PCS/CARTON
Contoh Gambar:
Waktu Pemenuhan Pesanan: :

BBL Pillow Surgery Recovery Pillow-The Original BBL Pillow, Post Recovery Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow + Booty Support

  • BETTER RECOVERY - Our BBL Pillow will allow you to sit right after your surgery to the months to come and allow you to have the freedom you normally would without compromising your results. Designed with all shapes and sizes in mind, holds up to 250lbs without sinking.
  •  STURDY - Firm foam with a slight softness to elevate the butt and relieve pressure onto the thigh area. Does not loose it’s shape, flatten or sink after time or heavy use.
  •  FREE DISCRETE COVER -Includes a black cover with a handle for added comfort to take anywhere and easy care. To wash simply machine wash cover. Compact size 15.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 that is very lightweight and fits in any chair, car or airplane. HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS -ur BBL Pillow is made up of eco friendly lightweight materials. We guarantee this will improve and make your recovery process much easier...or your money back!

Product Description

Product description

Multi Perks to Multi PositionsYou wake up sore. You wake up sore every single day. Your neck hurts, your back hurts, even your legs and knees hurt. You get woken up throughout the night by leg cramps and muscle spasms; no matter how you lay, or how many pillows you use, you just can't seem to get comfortable or find any relief.The 4-in-1 memory Foam Pillow from Deluxe Comfort is the answer you've been hoping for! This one amazing pillow eliminates the need to four kinds of pillows: Lumbar Pillow, Neck Support Pillow, Wedge Pillow, and a Knee Pillow. By alternating where you place the pillow, you alternate among the many therapeutic benefits this pillow has to offer.When used under your head and neck, it creates spinal alignment and prevents neck strain. Give your lower back a little extra support when sitting by placing the pillow behind you on a chair or in bed. Place it between your knees for spinal alignment and to prevent your knees from rubbing together in the night, causing soreness. You can also use this four-in-one pillow to elevate your feet and legs. This will help prevent those painful leg cramps that wake you in the night, and will relieve some of the tension in your lower back, both preventing and relieving lower back pain.Being both hypoallergenic, and being comprised of a breathable material, this unique four-in-one pillow is a comfortable and wonderful addition to any bed the whole year through.Get your AMAZING 4-in-1 PILLOW before we sell out!!

Product Picture                                                             

Product Description                              

1.High quality memory foam pillow
2.Ergonomic design to protect your cervical spine
3.Relieving spine pressure on neck.
4.Be suitable for all kind of people, like adult,student,children etc.
5.Health-care and friendly-environmental.
6.Good breathing,Anti-mite 


Established in 2005, Your Dream household is specialized in manufacturing memory foam products for bedding,home,car,traveling etc.
1.More than 10 years experienced manufacturer in pillow field.
2.5-year quality warranty
3.OEM and ODM are welcome.
4.We have advanced machinery & equipment and offer perfect after-sale service an fast delivery.
5.We just make high quality memory foam pillows with reasonable price.
6.If deal with us, there will be Less trouble,less complain from your customers.
7.All our products are made from tested raw materials and have passed SGS and TUV certification
By now, There are 5 automatic foaming production line in factory, So that orders can be finished with high efficency. Meanwhile, The raw material for memory foam are imported from BASF Germany, which are high quality and eco-friendly.
Do you want to find a better,products and prices, my friend ?
We still have many other cushion and pillow models, i can send you our more information if it's okay for you, dear friend.
I'm here waiting for your reply!
Packing and shipping

 How about packing -Standard packing 

1.Inside covoer is jersey fabric an outside cover is bamboo fiber fabric with zip.
2.And then packed with PP bag, finally put in carton.
Custom packing
The custom hand bags or color boxes are available as well.

Company Information

             Dongguan Your Dream Household Products Co.,Ltd Founded in 2005, it is specialized in the production and sales of memory foam products. We are focus on the design and quality of our products. We have formed a professional R&D team. And we maintain our own manufacturing facilities and master the mature PU foam molding processing technique. There is one auto electric-heating thermostat PU foaming production line, four water-heating PU foaming production line and a plurality of PU molding machine and cutting machines in our company. The main products are slow rebound, high resilience and other series, involving in the fields of health sleep bedding, auto parts appliance, furniture and office supplies etc. All products have passed SGS and TUV certificate to ensure their quality. OEM and ODM are welcome.



How to clean and maintain? 
1.Pillow core should be placed in cool ventilated area after using 3 months.Don't exposure in the sun,Don't wet by water.
2. Avoiding long time too much heavy pressure on the pillows
3.Pillow cover is washable.
4.We guarantee 5 years good rebound function of our ISO pillow under correct daily using.
Why did you choose this corporation? 
1. We maintain our own manufacturing facilities and have formed a professional R&D team.
2. we  are able to provide the best price and quality goods. All the items are proven qualified.
3. We keep a large stock of goods,  welcome to request our latest catalog. If you have your own model, you can send us,  then we would like to make it as your request.
4. Logo is available.

Welcome to Contact Us!
 Dongguan Your Dream Household Co.,Ltd

Dongguan Your Dream Health Technology pillow Co.,Ltd

Add:No.17,Baihao Industrial Zone,Houjie Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong,China.523000




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