50Hz 60Hz 220 V/380 V Pengendalian Vektor AC Variable Frequency Drive, Konverter Frekuensi

FOB Referensi Harga:Dapatkan Harga Terbaru
US$50,00 - US$400,00 / Potongan | 1 Potongan/potongan (Min. Order)
Output daya:
1 - 200KW
Waktu Pemenuhan Pesanan::
Kuantitas(potongan) 1 - 10 >10
Estimasi Waktu (hari) 7 Bisa Dinegosiasikan
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Rincian cepat
Tempat asal:
Zhejiang, China
Nama merek:
Nomor model:
Tegangan input:
290-500 V
Tegangan output:
0-500 V
Inverter DC/AC
Jenis output:
Rangkap Tiga
Arus keluaran:
Frekuensi output:
5 KG
Mode kontrol:
Kapasitas Overload:
150%-60 s, 180%-3 s
12 bulan
ISO 9001, CE
Memimpin waktu:
Dalam waktu 7 hari
Kemampuan pasokan
Kemampuan pasokan:
50000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Pengemasan & Pengiriman
Rincian Kemasan
Karton dan peti kayu
Waktu Pemenuhan Pesanan: :
Kuantitas(Pieces) 1 - 10 >10
Estimasi Waktu (hari) 7 Dapat dinegosiasikan






Product Dominance


Q18S series solar water pump converter is a special frequency converter developed for solar water pump. According to the requirements of equipment occasions,

special functions and special production processes are customized to make this product is more suitable for this occasion.

The product is directly powered by solar panels, with built-in MPPT solar monitoring, water level monitoring, and automatic water shortage monitoring.



Voltage Range3 phase AC 220V 380V 415V 440V 460V 480V
Output Frequency Range0-300Hz
Control ModeV/F control, Sensorless Vector control, Torque control
Starting Torque0.5Hz/180%(SVC), 1Hz/180%(V/F)
Communication portRS485
Fault ProtectionOver current, Over/Low voltage, Over tenperature, Phase failure, Overload, etc.


Product Parameter


Basic functionOverload CapacityG type: 150% rated current 60s; 180% rated current 3s
P type: 120% rated current 60s; 150% rated current 3s
Torque boostAuto torque boost function; Manual torque boost 0.1%~30.0%
V/F curveLinear V/F, multi-point V/F and square V/F curve
V/F separation2 ways: separation and semi-separation
Acc./dec curveStraight line or S curve acceleration and deceleration mode, Four kinds of acceleration and deceleration time. Acceleration and deceleration time range from 0.0s to 6500.0s
DC brakingDC braking frequency: 0.00Hz to maximum frequency. Braking time: 0.0s to 36.0s
Brake current range: 0%-100%
Jog controlJog frequency range: 0.00Hz~50.00Hz
Jog acceleration/deceleration: 0.0s~6500.0s
Simple PLCIt can realize at maximum of 16 segments speed
Basic functionMultiple segment speed runningRunning via the built-in PLC or control terminal
Built-in PIDIt is easy to realize process-controlled closed loop control system
Auto voltage regulation(AVR)It can keep constant output voltage automatically in the case of change of network voltage.
Over-voltage/current stall controlIt can limit the running voltage/current automatically and prevent frequent over-voltage/current tripping during the running process.
Quick current limitMinimize the over-current fault, protect normal operation of the AC Drive.
Torque limit & control"Excavators" characteristics, auyomatically limit torque during operation, prevent frequent over-current tripping. Closed loop vector mode can realize the torque control.
Personalized function

Instataneous stop


When instantaneous power off, voltage reduction is compensated through load feedback energy, which could make AC Drive keep running in a short period of time.
Rapid current limitTo avoid AC Drive frequent over-current fault.
Timing controlTiming control function: set time range 0Min~6500.0Min
RunningCommand sourceOperation panel reference, control terminal reference and serial communication port reference. These channels can be switched in various modes.
Frequency sourceThese are totally eleven types of frequency sources, such as digital reference, analog voltage reference, analog current reference, pulse reference, MS speed, PLC, PID and serial port reference.
Input terminal5 digital input terminals
2 analog input terminals
1 supportinf 0-10V voltage input or 0~20mA current input terminal
output terminal5 digital output terminals
2 relay output terminals
2 analog output terminals, supporting 0~10V voltage output or 0~20mA current output.
Keyboard operationKeyboard potentiometerEquipped with keyboard potentiometer or coding potentiometer
Keyboard operationProtection functionIt can implement power-on motor short-circuit detection, input/output phase loss protection, over curent protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, overheating protection and overload protection.
EnvionmentUsing placeIndoor, and be free from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, combustible gas, oil smoke, vapor, drip or salt
AltitudeBelow 1000m
Ambient temperature-10℃ to +40℃
HumidityLess than 95%RH, without condensing
VibrationLess than 5.9m/s
Product Description







Company Information


Yiyuan Electric Co., Ltd.




|--- Headquarters: add:WenZhou produce voltage stabilizer


|--- Branch:add:ShenZhen produce Inverter 


|--- Found in 2008, Sales:12 worker: 150 engineer : 10

|--- 10% of profit use for advancement and innovation
|--- Have CE, TUV, FCC, PCT and ISO9001 certificates

|--- Market:Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid-east regions, North America






Q 1. what's the payment term?  

A. We accept TT,30% deposit and 70% balance agaisnt copy of BL

Q 2. how's the delivery time ?

A. usually it will take about 25 days for production

Q 3. tell me the standard of package?

A. For the small capacity, it use carton, but for big capacity, we should use strong wooden case for protection.

Q 4. what kind of material of transformer?

A. we have two types, one 100% copper and the other is copper with aluminum.It depends on your requirment. In fact,those two have no difference if normal work well. Only except the longlife. Copper is better and also higer price.

Q 5.Could you offer Form A or C/O ?  

A. It totally not a problem. We can prepare relative documents to forgin affairs office or other office to apply for this certificate.

Q 6.Would you accept to use our logo ?

A.If you have good quantity,it absolute no problem to do OEM.

Q 7.We want to know month capacity.  

A. It depends on which model.For example for relay type small capacity , month capacity can reach near 20000pcs   and big capacity near 3000pcs.

Q 8.Where is your market?

A. Our products are popular in russia, indonisia, Philippines,italy, america, pakistan and so on.Some of them are our regular customers and some of them are developing. We hope you can join us and make mutural benifit from our cooperation.

Q 9.Does the inverter connect with solar system ?

A.Yes.Because of the unique feature which combine invert,charge and AC auto-transfer switch into one complete system,made inverter not only connect with solar system,also could be used in& officer equipment,household items,power tools ans etc..

Q10. what kind of certificate you have ?

A. Our company already achieve ISO, CCC, and for products, we have CE, SONCAP, GOST, UL(pending) .


Yiyen Electric Technology Co., Ltd


Tel: +86-577-27772150


skype&Whatsapp: +8618305777516

Adress:4th Floor, No.281,Wei 18 Road, Economic Development Zone, Yueqing City, Zhejiang province,China

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