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3.5Mm Mini Jack Stereo Plug untuk 5-Pin DIN MIDI Kabel Audio

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Rincian cepat
Tempat asal:
Guangdong, China
Nama merek:
Nomor model:
Kabel Audio
Perangkat MIDI
Diameter luar:
3.4mm, 3.4mm
Konektor warna:
Jenis konektor:
Jenis kelamin:
PVC, Jaket PVC
Status Produk:
Barang Persediaan
Bare Copper, Berlapis Nikel, Bare copper
5Pin DIN MIDI Kabel
Tempat asli:
Shenzhen Guangdong Cina
15cm atau sesuai permintaan Anda
Masa Garansi:
1 tahun
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Pengemasan & Pengiriman

jual Unit:
item tunggal
ukuran paket tunggal: 
13X18X1 cm
tunggal berat kotor:
0.021 kg
Contoh Gambar:
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Kuantitas(potongan) 1 - 1000 >1000
Estimasi Waktu (hari) 12 Dapat dinegosiasikan
Video Description

3.5mm Mini Jack Stereo Plug to 5-Pin DIN MIDI Audio Cable


MIDI Adapter – Male 3.5mm TRS to Female 5 pin DIN

The MIDI adapter has a male 3.5mm TRS minijack at one end, and a female 5 pin DIN MIDI connector on the other end, 15cm long of the cable and 24cm including the plugs.


MIDI breakout cables

MIDI to TRS Adapter Cable

TRS Cable 3.5 - MIDI break out cable

MIDI To 3.5mm Stereo Jack Cable

MIDI to TRS Adapter Cable

MIDI Adapter is an male 3.5mm TRS to female MIDI 5-pin DIN cable

MIDI Adapter Cable Features:
3.5mm male TRS to female MIDI 5-pin DIN adapter
Lets you connect a standard MIDI cable to TRS MIDI port
15cm cable is flexible and made to last with high-quality materials


*The new 5-pin dock connector for your products.
*Compatible With MIDI devices.
*Quick transfer data with 3.5mm stereo part.
*Portable and simple design, charging/ data transfer in one cable.
*Charging and data transfer sync when connect to MIDI devices.


So long as you have two pieces of gear wired this way, you can connect them with a standard stereo minijack audio cable (that's a single stereo minijack at both ends). It's exactly the same as using a MIDI cable.

In the past few years MIDI hardware products have become smaller and smaller especially as many of them are meant to be used with mobile computing devices. But this has caused some issues as 5 Pin DIN MIDI plugs are pretty big. No one wants an accessory that's 10 times the size of the smartphone it connects to ! So recently many products have used a stereo 3.5mm minijack connector on the product itself with a breakout cable to standard 5 Pin DIN MIDI connector.


The standard MIDI DIN cable – that's the big honkin' connector you use on most of your MIDI gear – has become the bane of music hardware makers. The problem is, as gear has gotten smaller, the standard DIN connector hasn't. And that's a big problem, literally. To add a MIDI port to a device, you need to not only have enough clearance for the connector itself, but the whole around the port and the physical assembly that contains it. Speaking as a hardware maker, that takes up space you can't even see from the outside.


As a result, a lot of hardware that should have had MIDI in and out doesn't, to save room. Or it's forced to be thicker than it needs to be. Or it squeezes out other useful ports.


To be clear,on devices that can fit a MIDI DIN, it still makes sense. It's a standard part, you've got the cables, you've got things to plug it into, and the connector is safe to use. But if it simply won't fit, something else is a must. And that's why other connectors are already shipping on gear. Imagine if they were all interoperable.


It doesn't have to be this way. S-Video could have become a replacement in the 90s, back when we used such things. (It's actually also a DIN connector, with a more-than-enough 4-pin arrangement, but it's smaller.)


Now, you may have noticed a lot of gear includes mini jacks onboard. A stereo minijack (3.5mm "miniklinken") connector has three pins – and MIDI also has three pins. (Okay, it has five, but two are unused.) Look at the breakouts included in the box, and what you'll see is a standard 3-pin stereo minijack on one end, and then a standard 5 Pin DIN connector on the other.

But here's where things get interesting. Imagine you have two pieces of gear, each with these minijack-to-DIN breakouts. And you want to connect them together. What would happen if you skipped the little DIN dongles and ran an ordinary stereo mini jack cable between them?


Well, whether it worked or not would depend on how that minijack connector itself was wired. So, I asked a few manufacturers, off the record and unofficially, what they were doing. It wasn't hard to convince people to talk about it; anyone who has ever dealt with this problem dreams of ditching DIN.


 Item  3.5mm Mini Jack Stereo Plug to 5-Pin DIN MIDI Audio Cable
 Place of Origin  Guangdong China (Mainland)
 Color   Black
 Length  15cm, 30cm
 Packing  PE bag or customize
 MOQ  1000pcs per one color (cable lengths can be mixed)
 Sample   Free samples ,  2-3 days after confirmed
 Production Time  Within 10-11 working days, it depends on the quantity
 Payment terms  Alibaba Trade Assurance, T/T, Western Union, Paypal
 Shipping  Express door to door service: DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, about 5-7 days to delivery
 Logo  Branding Logo is welcome


Types of wiring pinout – seen below, please check which type pinout you want.



Also you can specify a different pinout for this part with following:


Detailed Images

Company Profile







1. Do you provide samples?

Yes, Two samples for free .Dear ,freight fee charged by your side.


2. What is your minimum order quantity?

The MOQ is 1000pcs per one colour , but the quantity for OEM should be 2000 pieces or more.


3. What about your production capacity?

We can produce 30k boxes or 10,0000 pieces a month.


4. Where is your company?

Our company and factory all are in Shenzhen.


5. Can you make OEM?

Of course, OEM is welcome.


6. Welcome to visit our website:



      After Hours: Many times we're working late so try us on email. Otherwise leave us a message and we'll return your call no later than the next business day.

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