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2020 New Year Cheap car fault tester diagnosis 12v obd2 connect car diagnostic scanner KW850 KONNWEI with battery test function

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Engine Analyzer
12v obd diagnostic scanner
Model yang berlaku:
KONNWEI OBD Scanner For all 12V OBD2 cars
Tempat asal:
Guangdong, China
Nama merek:
Nomor model:
1 Years Years
Item Name:
KONNWEI KW850 smoke machine leak
Feature 1:
Testing I/M Reading Status
Used for 12V gasoline vehicles and 12V diesel vehicles
Red and Black optional
8 Language:
English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian
System (Presale ) contact us:
SRS system , ABS system , Engine system , gearbox system
Internet Upgrade system and Prints data via PC system
Engine Analyzer, Code Reader, Professional Auto Diagnostic Tool

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25X18X9 cm
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0.750 kg
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1pc mobil Alat Diagnostik/Tas 25 pcs/cn, 55*39*46 cm, 20 KG/karton
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Video Description
Konnwei profile
We are 13 years Konnwei factory In china , Shenzhen city.
All konnwei item u see on market were produced  from us .
We can offer CE FCC ROHS MSDS EMC certifications.

Our company, Shenzhen Jiawei Hengxin Technology Co., Ltd(Registered brand KONNWEI®),

 is manufacturer focused on R&D, production and sales of car diagnostic tools since 2006.



Product Ranges:

  • OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner ; 
  • 12V Car Battery Tester; 
  • Full System Scanner; 
  • OBD2 Engine diagnostic scanner ;  
  • OBD2 Mini Bluetooth Code Reader;
  • OBD2 Mini WIFI Code Reader. 


Product Description
 2019 Cheap car fault tester diagnosis 12v obd2 connect car diagnostic scanner KW850 KONNWEI with battery test function 

Model: KW850 Original brand 


    OBD2 Scanner KONNWEI Code Reader OBD II Auto Diagnostic Code Scanner OBD EOBD Car Engine Fault CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool with I/M Readiness (Upgraded Version)





              KW850 Scanner is for real-time car engine automotive diagnosis . It is with 2.8 inches HD TFT colorful screen and bright color coded LEDS indicators and built-in speaker provide both visual and audible tone for readiness verification. It works on ALL OBD II Enabled vehicles both Gasoline and Diesel cars. By simply plugging it into your vehicles diagnostic socket, you will be able to Read all Trouble Codes and Definitions related to the "Check Engine Light", Save and Review results, Reset the trouble light, Monitor and Freeze-Frame Data and more. Also retrieves the VIN (vehicle identification number) on supported vehicles .




        KW850 Scanner supports all 10 OBDII test modes on all OBDII compliant vehicles for a complete diagnosis. Featuring the unique patented One-Click I/M Readiness Key, TFT color display and built-in speaker, Real Time Battery Voltage Monitoring, the KONNWEI KW850 is truly the ultimate in power and affordability, allowing users to do their jobs faster.


      In addition, thousands of troubleshooter code tips(by press ? button) help technicians and home DIY users to accurately diagnose even the toughest problems. With the newest friendly diagnostic interface, KW850 will be the most useful car diagnostic tool for every family and professional mechanic technician! KW850 is the best engine code reader better than AUTEL AL519 with unique design and widest compatibility!



KW850 Function :

Read Codes and Erase Code,Stores Code ,

Playbacks live sensor data One-Click I/M Readiness and On-Board Monitoring

Internet Upgrade system and Prints data via PC system XP WIN7 WIN8 WIN10

Battery voltage test

Data Stream and Freeze Frame

O2 Sensor Test and EVAP System monitor

 Vehicle Information and Built-in DTC look-up library

Troubleshooter code tips

Retrieves generic&manufacturer specific codes&Pending codes




KW850 Features :

1. Works on ALL OBD II Enabled vehicles, both Gasoline and Diesel cars - domestic and imported.

2. Features the unique patented One-Click Readiness Key for quick State Emissions readiness check and drive cycle verification.

3. Bright color coded LEDS indicators and built-in speaker provide both visual and audible tone for readiness verification

4. Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3 and U0), manufacturer specific (P1, P3 and U1) codes and pending codes

5. Easily determines the cause of the Check Engine Light(MIL)

6. Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors

7. Enhanced OBD2 Mode 6 On Board Monitoring Test Results for Specific Monitored Systems.

8. Views freeze frame dataThe KONNWEI KW850 OBD2 / EOBD / CAN Car Diagnostic

9. Displays monitor and I/M readiness status (emissions)

10. Reads live PCM datastream

11. Displays live O2 sensor test data

12. EVAP System test data

13. Live sensor data in text mode and graph mode (1996 and newer vehicles)

14. Reads, stores and playbacks live sensor data

15. Troubleshooter code tips guide technicians to the root cause of a trouble code faster, saving diagnosis and repair time

16. Battery Voltage real time monitoring,better than other expensive item from others brand.

17. Built-in DTC look-up library and display definition.

16. Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN)

17. Internet updatedable and upgradeable

18. Prints data via PC.



Why Choose KW850 Automotive Scanner? Shocked u from 8 reason below:

  • 1. Multilingual diagnostic interface: KW850 Supports up to 8 different languages user interface,such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Dutch, Italian.


  • 2. High Quality and High Resolution TFT colorful display helps you easily to find out the troubles of your car.


  • 3. Bright color coded LEDs and built-in speaker provide both visual and audible tone for readiness verification.


  •  4. Brand New design Key pad, unique patented One-Click I/M Readiness Key, it is the best partner for your car repairing.


  • 5. Featured battery real-time monitoring during diagnostics, avoid un-expected happened.


  • 6. Intergrated memory card allows storage of Trouble Codes, Live Data and freeze frame, Playback and review data when out of vehicles.


  • 7. Data printable through USB cable, allows modify and print-out storaged data.


  • 8. Internet upgradable via usb port, adapted to Windows XP- Windows 10.




Packing list:

1*KONNWEI KW850 Auto Diagnostic Scanner

1*User's Manual in English

1*OBD2 Cable

1*USB Cable

1*protective nylon bag







Konnwei Pricelist


Catalog Of Konnwei OBD 2 Car Diagnose tool 
Konnwei Car Diagnostoc Scanner Original Factory ,
If you are interested in to be our agent , welcome to contact Miss Miya for distributor price : Skype is konnwei01 and Whatsap-Ph:"+8613923862670
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KW902 WIFI obd 2 scanner diagnostic , KW902 diagnostic tool can work for androd and ios ,
But OBDLINK MX+ only work for  android.
KW903  KW903 Bluetooth elm327 OBD2 Scanner , obd bluetooth scanner
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KW910 KW910 Bluetooth protocol analyzer,bluetooth protocol analyzer          (Cheaper One )
KW912 KW912 WIFI scanner can protocol car diagnostic     (Cheaper One )
  Mark : WIFI obd2 scanner work for android and ios by torque and dashcommand;
           Bluetooth obd2 diagnose tool work for android by torque


Welcome to be our konnwei distributor , Please leave message below , Miya as in the picture will send u Catalog and pricelist with distributor price .

Or contact Miss Miya for distributor price : Skype is konnwei01 and Whatsp-Ph:"86-139-2386-2670



KONNWEI Distributor


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