200t steel beam launcher overhead bridge crane \ crane in bridge construction

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US$1.000,00 - US$50.000,00 / Set | 1.0 Set/set (Min. Order)
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Berlaku Industri:
Bahan Bangunan Toko, Pabrik, Pekerjaan Konstruksi
Setelah Layanan Garansi:
Video Dukungan Teknis, Dukungan Online
Layanan Lokal Lokasi:
Indonesia, Bangladesh
Showroom Lokasi:
Indonesia, Bangladesh
Dinilai saat mengangkat:
Max. lifting beban:
Max. mengangkat tinggi:
Tempat asal:
Henan, China
Nama merek:
1 Tahun
Purna jual layanan yang disediakan:
Bidang Instalasi, Commissioning dan Pelatihan
Max. Lifting Load:
Work Duty:
Model Number:
Bridge building
Power Source:
3 Phase 380V 50hz
Control method:
Lifting mechanism:
Electric Trolley
Girder Structure:
Box Type and Truss Type
Power Suplly Mode:
Cable Drum or Line sliding
Electric current:
380V 50Hz three-phase
Kemampuan pasokan
Kemampuan pasokan:
8000.0 Set/Sets per Year
Pengemasan & Pengiriman
Rincian Kemasan
Beam Bridge Launcher Girder Crane Design Price :
Electricals and other parts are packed by high quality plywood crates, Main beam packaged by plastic film and woven plastic cloth.
Video Description

200t steel beam launcher overhead bridge crane from manufacturing company

Product Description


Bridge girder erection machine merges an adaptation of a wide range of work, excellent performance, convenient operation, safety structure into a single whole. It has the steel structure of rail type precast beam hoisting rack equipment. This product can be used not only in plain construction, but also to meet the construction of mountain highway slope, small radius curved bridge, skew bridge and tunnel bridge requirements.


The bridge girder erection machine consists of main girder, crane, front legs, rear legs, front leg cylinder, rear leg cylinder and the transverse connection of front, middle, rear legs. The control part is composed of hydraulic system and electric control system. The bridge girder erection machine is characterized by reasonable compact structure and convenient installation, the main standard girder is connected by pin connection. The double girder structure is connected between the two frame girders by welded pipe.


The bridge girder erection machine not only can meet the standard set up, but also it can meet the cross curve erection, variable span erection, span continuous beam, composite beam, continuous steel etc. In addition to bridge erection, simply supported girder erection and point lifting, it is characterized by good stability, high efficiency, safety and reliability, variable span convenient adjustment and convenient operation and etc.

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Structural Drawing and Technical Parameter



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Lifting Weight    t 60 80 100 150
bridge radius    m 20-30 20-35 30-40 35-50
Slope       below 1/20  
Turning Radius   m 200 250 300 350
Angle of Skew Bridge        0~15°    
shop travelling speed lengthways moving       
  lifting   1 1.2 0.8 0.6
crane travelling speed lengthways moving  6/0.6    
  sidesway     6/0.6    



  • Unique pin connection, firm and reliable, easy to install
  •  A-type fracture surface, continuous girder with low center of gravity, convenient and reliable.
  • The machine can accomplish the build of girders with carrying and erection at the same time.
  •  Low deflection and high stiffness .
  •  Safe and reliable .
  •  High efficiency.

Safety Features

Safety is the most important issue for cranes.To ensure the safety,the following safety devices are equipped in BL crane.
  Crane traveling limit switch. 
  Overload protection device. 
  Lifting height limit device. 
  Voltage lower protection function .
  Phase sequence protection function. 
  Emergency stop function. 
  Rain cover for outside hoist, driving units, electric cubicle. 
  Warining indicator : flashing nights and warning sounds. 
  Wire-less infra-detector for anti-collusion.

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Nucleon (Xinxiang) Crane co., ltd., founded in?2005, the registered capital of 270,000,000 CNY, covers an area of 450000 square meters, staff 1700 people. Achieves ISO production system certification and europe standards like?DIN & FEM.Nucleon is a bridge, gantry crane, coal series hoisting equipment, small light lifting equipment and other products of research and development, manufacture, installation, sales and service as one of the Sino-foreign joint ventures. The ND, NH model wire rope electric hoist, NL type chain electric hoist, mine explosion-proof hoist, HD type electric single-girder, NLH type electric hoist bridge crane in the domestic leading level, the electric hoist production for many years ranking second in the country.

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Packaging & Shipping




1. Electric parts are packed by high quality plywood crate, to reduce distortion in conveying.
2. Main beams, end beams and trolly/winch are packed by plastic woven cloth. It can reduce abrasion during the transportation.
3. If the size are suitable for container ship, usually by container.
4. Big size, usually by bulk ship or by container after truncation.
5. Transport ways are based on reducing cost & keep safety.



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Company main products has been widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, military industry, coal, aerospace, construction, railway and other national economic pillar industries. Products are exported to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, more than countries and regions. Customers are satisfied with the products quality and service. They comment NUCLEON?a supplier worthy of cooperation!






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